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Users, Here's What You Need to Know About ChildcareFORMS

ChildcareFORMS Payments takes the hassle out of fee payment by letting parents pay during online enrollment. Increase enrollments by providing parents with simple, convenient online payment. And you save time by eliminating the manual work you’re doing today to process payments. Plus, you can rest assured all financial data is safe and secure. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about ChildcareFORMS Payments:  

Q: Is ChildcareFORMS Payments Secure? 

A: Yes, credit card and bank account data is hosted at a Level-1 PCI-certified service provider. All transaction data is encrypted and transmitted securely. No more risky, manual collection or storing of payment info at your center.  

Q: How long will I have to wait to receive funds? 

A: You’ll receive funds in your bank account the next business day as long as users make their daycare payments before 8:00 pm the previous day.

Q: How do parents receive their receipts or see their transaction history?

A: Parents receive a receipt in ChildcareFORMS following payment. Childcare center administrators can view all transaction history at ( 

Q: Do I need to process a minimum dollar amount to use ChildcareFORMS Payments? 

A: No, there are no monthly minimums with ChildcareFORMS.  

Q: Are there any restrictions on what payment methods are accepted? 

A: All major credit and debit cards are accepted, plus direct debit (ACH).   

Q: Will I be able to reconcile the payments received in ChildcareFORMS Payments with my accounting system? 

A: Yes, transactions history reports make it easy to reconcile the payments you receive with your management or accounting system.  

Q: Will I need to buy a credit card reader?   

A: No. Parents enter their credit card information directly, so no credit card swiper or manual data entry is required. This eliminates all the manual work you’re doing today to process daycare payments or run to the bank and deposit checks or cash. 

Q: Does ChildcareFORMS Payments integrate with ChildcareCRM?   

A: Yes, completed enrollment packets are automatically attached to the family record in ChildcareCRM. 

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