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How to Celebrate Halloween with the Children in Your Center

Halloween can be scary for young children. We’ve come up with 6 kid-friendly Halloween activities that are fun and sure to keep your enrolled families happy during this spooky season. 

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1) Throw a Monster Mash Dance Party 

We all know the Halloween song, Monster Mash. It’s a family-friendly, child-approved classic that is sure to encourage lots of giggles and smiles at your center. Have the children freestyle their dance moves, or you can play this youtube video which showcases the choreography from the digital game Just Dance and let the children try to follow along.  

2) Host a Costume Contest 

Costumes have got to be everyone’s favorite part of Halloween, right?  

No matter how old or young you are, dressing up for one special day a year is a blast. Instead of limiting the children to just Halloween day, throw a costume contest in the days leading up to Halloween and have everyone come to school in their spooky best! The children will love showing off their outfits to their friends and the parents will appreciate an excuse for their child to get more than one wearing out of their likely not-so-cheap costume.  

3) Arrange a Scavenger Hunt 

Substitute trick-or-treating with a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt. Write out clues and place them all around the classroom, starting the children off with the first clue that eventually leads up to a grand prize at the end. The prize could be candy, a fun toy, a new Halloween book, or anything else that your students would enjoy. 

Need some inspiration? Click here to see 8 scavenger hunt riddles. 

4) Paint Pumpkins 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a fan of slicing and dicing those pumpkins. Aside from the mess and the potential dangers of carving, I find it to be all too tedious of a process... However, I absolutely love pumpkin painting and your students will too! If getting real pumpkins isn’t an option for you this year, check out these printable Halloween pumpkin coloring pages instead. 

5) Create Some Special Snacks 

The children in your center (and maybe you too) are going to eat plenty of candy over the next few days so try to encourage healthy snacking with these nutritious and delicious Halloween-themed snacks! 

To make your snack board extra Halloween-y, try using fruits and veggies that fit the color scheme! Look for produce that are naturally black, green, and orange like blackberries, green grapes, and tangerines. You can even throw on some candy eyes to make everything look extra spooky. 

6) Play a Halloween Movie 

If you’re looking for Halloween movies for little ones, this list includes some age-appropriate options for preschool-aged children. This list of movies won’t spook, but instead, help your students enjoy the season and become excited about trick-or-treating and dressing up in their favorite costumes. 

Of course, you know what your students enjoy and what your parents will allow. Halloween isn’t a holiday that everyone celebrates so always try to stay mindful of anything that might make some families uncomfortable. I hope you found this list helpful, and I hope it inspires you to try something new this year. 

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