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Doodle Bugs! Improves their Childcare Waiting List Across 17 Locations with Streamlined Enrollment

Doodle Bugs! Children’s Learning Academy, a family-owned and operated organization, was founded in 1992. Their dedication to high-quality childcare and continuous improvement has helped them expand to 17 centers throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

As their business grew, so did their workload.

Doodle Bugs! enhances the experience for new leads and families on their childcare waiting list.

Prior to working with LineLeader by ChildcareCRM, Doodle Bugs! used an enrollment binder to manually keep track of families that toured their centers. Doodle Bugs! needed a smoother, faster, and more organized way to keep track of and respond to their leads

Now they use LineLeader to store family information and enrollment statuses like—new inquiry, engaged, tour scheduled, tour completed, waitlisted and registered—all in one place. Doodle Bugs! sends automated emails and texts to families in each status to move them forward to enrollment.

Plus, Doodle Bugs! can easily guide families on their childcare waiting list through enrollment with automation. Not only does this save staff time, but it also provides immediate responses to parents throughout their journey.

“We’ve seen an increase in conversion rate from lead to enrollment and our waitlists are steadily filling up again. Best of all, parents love the fast responses they get from us, and we love how easy it is to keep in touch with families.”

- Tracy Touris, Customer Relations Specialist at Doodle Bugs!


Tour scheduling is easy like 1, 2, 3.

Doodle Bugs! has been using LineLeader by ChildcareCRM since 2011 to streamline the enrollment journey, including the tour scheduling process with Parent Scheduled Tours linked directly from their own website.

“We love making things easier for our families. Having parent-scheduled tours on our website is another convenience for today’s busy families.”

- Tracy Touris, Customer Relations Specialist at Doodle Bugs!

Based on their success using LineLeader's CRM platform, Doodle Bugs! decided to move from paper-based registration to digital registration using LineLeader's FORMS product.

Save time with digital registration. 

With FORMS, Doodle Bugs! emails a registration link to parents who then complete their registration forms online. Doodle Bugs! can specify which fields are required so they always receive complete registration packets. The finalized forms are automatically added to LineLeader by ChildcareCRM without staff members lifting a finger.

“Registration is convenient for families and so much easier for staff members to manage.”

- Tracy Touris, Customer Relations Specialist at Doodle Bugs!

Download the full success story here to learn more about how Doodle Bugs! utilizes LineLeader by ChildcareCRM to improve their response rates with inquiring families and increase conversion rates.

Special thanks to Tracy Touris and Doodle Bugs! Children's Learning Academy for their insight regarding their experience using LineLeader Enroll and LineLeader FORMS.


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