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Transforming Childcare Operations at Kidz Konnection with LineLeader

For 25 years, Kidz Konnection has been a cornerstone for families in Lexington, KY, providing a family-oriented learning environment for children. Dedicated teachers focus on creating engaging and educational activities to nurture physical, emotional, social, and academic development. The introduction of LineLeader’s unified platform, an innovative childcare software tool that includes lead management, digital registration, parent engagement, payment processing, and center management - has made operations at Kidz Konnection much more seamless.

Margra Ferrier, with an impressive 35 years in the childcare sector, serves as the Executive Director at Kidz Konnection. Since the beginning, Margra's extensive knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in its growth. She discovered LineLeader during the Child Care Success Summit in 2022.

The array of features, competitive pricing, Telephony capabilities, and the promise of seamless paperless operations from enrollment to management made LineLeader the preferred choice over other options.

Leaving Behind Inefficiencies Reducing Data Entry

Before LineLeader, Kidz Konnection had trouble making sure families weren’t falling through the cracks. Because they were relying on two different processes to manage their enrollment and oversee their operations - staff had to manually enter contact and registration information into their management system after the family decided to enroll.

This led to inaccurate parent information, duplicate entries, and wasted staff time.

LineLeader helped Margra digitize and transform the business, eliminating these manual challenges and introducing a new era of efficiency.

“Even with two different platforms in play, we continued to face lead management issues. Neither platform offered a good solution for effectively handling leads. And they simply didn’t talk to each other. Or, at least not as well as the LineLeader platform can.”

Streamlining Center Operations & Billing  

LineLeader helps Margra and her team complete daily tasks like: following up with new leads, tracking attendance, maintaining classroom ratios, reminding parents about upcoming tuition bills, processing late fees, reporting on subsidies, and even managing staff time.

“LineLeader has really improved my day-to-day. I don't feel scattered and spread too thin anymore. Tasks that once took hours out of my week are now handled in 30 minutes or less. It’s a huge time-saver.”

The Results

Over the past year, LineLeader has helped Kidz Konnection:

  • Achieve an average conversion rate of 25%, 2x higher than the global average
  • Capture and manage 377 new leads
  • Schedule 104 tours with families
  • Save over 5 hours per week by utilizing built-in automation

LineLeader’s Unified platform has helped simplify daily operations at Kidz Konnection. By offering everything they need to grow enrollment, register families, communicate with parents, and manage their center operations and staff - LineLeader has effectively addressed the school’s biggest challenges.

And the best part is - all the staff only need one login and only have to learn how to use one tool.

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