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How to Measure Your Childcare Business and Marketing Performance

How do you track your enrollment goals? 

KPIs can be used to monitor large-scale business objectives, marketing goals, and the overall health of the company. They can also be adjusted to monitor various departments and can even be used on an individual level to monitor employees' key objectives. 

Without key metrics, it’s tough to know if your centers are performing well enough to scale. See how to measure your childcare business and marketing performance by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). 

What Exactly Is a KPI in Childcare?

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a type of business performance measurement that helps to evaluate the successes or areas an organization can work on. KPIs help keep your goals on track, whether it's tour conversion or email click

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The Relationship Between KPIs and Childcare Success 

KPIs guide you toward your enrollment goals. Data tells a story about the health and wellness of your organization. Keeping all teams in the loop can prompt consistent results. 

How KPIs for Childcare Motivate Staff and Directors

When everyone is motivated to reach a common objective, individual successes and contributions feel more rewarding. Often, larger childcare organizations have a lot of voices. It’s crucial to keep employees engaged to encourage productivity – which impacts your bottom line. In fact, highly engaged employees drive 18% more sales.  

Best Practice – the right software can make it easy to monitor metrics. With LineLeader by ChildcareCRM, gain the real-time insight you need to drive enrollment forward.  

How to Measure Your Marketing Performance

One way to measure the performance of your KPIs in childcare is by using the SMART framework. Let's break down what the acronym means: 

  • Is your goal specific? 
  • Can you measure progress toward your goal? 
  • Is the goal realistically attainable for your staff’s bandwidth? 
  • How relevant is the goal to your childcare organization? 
  • What is a reasonable timeframe for achieving this goal? 

What Are Performance Marketing Campaigns?

Performance marketing campaigns are data-driven strategies that focus on specific, measurable actions, aiming to achieve tangible results like clicks, conversions, or sales. By meticulously optimizing targeting, creative elements, and channels, these campaigns maximize ROI by delivering quantifiable outcomes. Specific, Measure, Attainable, Relevant, Timeframe = SMART. Use this tactic to help understand which KPIs are important for your business.  


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Which KPIs Should You Track to Improve Marketing Performance? 

See campaign, revenue, and task completion KPIs to refine your marketing performance. Depending on what your center needs, you might want to know... 

  • Number of completed tasks 
  • Marketing source 
  • Lost opportunities 
  • Conversion success 
  • Estimated revenue  

Invest In a User-friendly tool to Monitor Your Marketing Performance

If you’re a childcare owner or operator and you’d like to learn more about how our platform can help you monitor important KPIs for your marketing performance (ex: email marketing) and childcare business...

Click here to schedule a free demo with one of our solutions consultants today!

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