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Marketing to Parents: The 4 Archetypes to Know

It’s important to remember that treating others ‘fairly’ does not mean treating everyone the same. Each individual has different needs and is seeking to build a different kind of relationship with their children, their childcare provider, and the other families in your center.

“Fair means you are getting what you need, not what is the same as everyone else!! This statement was so impactful for me!” – Webinar Attendee

Understanding your prospective and enrolled families’ needs allow you to build meaningful relationships with them that can last for years. In turn, this helps you and your center gain a reputation of being ‘trustworthy, reliable, and personable”.

There are 4 key parent archetypes that show up again and again in early childhood education:

  1. The Caregiver – This type of parent is very protective of their child, often questions things, and has some insecurities. This type of parents needs reassurance on a regular basis that they are doing a good job and that your center is the right place to be for their child.

  2. The Gatekeeper – This parent is funny, charismatic, and well-known in their local communities. People listen to what they have to say so they typically hold the key for getting more referrals. Focus on fostering a deep relationship with these parents and recognize their opinion carries weight in your school.

  3. The Tornado – This parent cares deeply about their child(ren) and they have lots of good ideas. However, they are currently in a season of life where they are overwhelmed and underperforming because they’re stretched too thin. What they need is not reminders, they need support and compassion.

  4. The Explorer – This parent wants to feel intelligent, wise, and mostly heard. When they come to you with suggestions about your programs or your center, allow them to speak and feel heard. You can sit back and remember that you don’t need to feel like you have to satisfy every question or concern.

To learn more about marketing to each of these parent archetypes and how to best manage them, watch our recent webinar.


If you feel like this webinar attendee who commented, “during COVID, communication has been more difficult,” it’s time to invest in a CRM for your childcare organization that can help you manage the 4 different parent archetypes and meet each of their communication and engagement needs.

Download our guide to Choosing the Right CRM for Your Childcare Organization.

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