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How to Build an Email Marketing Campaign Like a Pro

There are a lot of complicated factors to investigate when you’re considering email marketing. Marketing to prospective families, while keeping enrolled families engaged at your center can become difficult in the midst of running a childcare business. Nonetheless, email marketing is important, and it is crucial that you learn how to build a successful email marketing campaign to deliver an optimized parent experience.  

Read on to learn how to build an email marketing campaign like a pro.  

Creating an Email Marketing Campaign Plan

Have you ever wondered how to build an email marketing campaign - you're in the right place.

The first step to a successful email marketing campaign is to make an email marketing campaign plan. Some great questions to consider asking yourself are: 

  1. When should you send emails? 

  2. How often should you send emails? 

  3. How do you build an email list? 

  4. How should you follow up with new leads? 

To maintain and nurture your leads it’s important to deliver fast and frequent follow-up via email and text through drip campaigns. Drip campaigns help your marketing campaign because it allows you to monitor its effectiveness, you’re able to see how your recipients are responding and automate the next steps in the enrollment process.

Furthermore, drip campaigns allow you to effectively follow up with new leads; you should be following up with your leads at least 5-7 times. 

You cannot have an email marketing campaign if you do not have an email list. Having various places on your website where you can capture emails will increase your chances of getting a lead’s email. Also, testing shorter opt-in forms can be helpful. Millennial parents like to do less work; having a form with the basic information (name, email, and child’s name) will give you a better opportunity at catching a new lead. Furthermore, be sure that you have a house list for mobile and physical addresses and that you’re utilizing this list to segment your customers and prospects. 

How to Track an Email Marketing Campaign, Once Build

Once you’ve implemented an email marketing campaign, you can start tracking its success. Some of the metrics that you can use to measure campaign performance are open rate, click-through rate, open rate, response rate, click-to-open rate, and delivery rate. More specifically, you should focus on click-through rate, open rate, and response rate. These metrics allow you to see if your prospects are opening the email, what exactly they’re clicking on, and how often they’re responding.  

Building successful email marketing campaigns and learning how to track performance, is key to following up and nurturing leads. It also ensures that your parents have an ideal enrollment experience.  

To learn more about building a successful email marketing campaign, watch the webinar below. 


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