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5 Ways to Market Your Childcare Business In Your Sleep

Marketing your center should be your top priority, but with over worked staff, unorganized paperwork, and no marketing strategy, it can be the least of your worries. 

The parent journey is a complex concept and can become even more difficult if you’re not marketing your business properly. A strong marketing strategy, with some marketing automation, can release some of the pressure of promoting your childcare business.  

If you want to learn more about marketing automation and the best ways to market your business practically in your sleep, keep reading! 

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the use of software to automate and simplify tasks like lead follow-up, tour scheduling, email drip campaigns, waitlist communications, enrollment paperwork, reminders, and more. Marketing automation software is the technology that manages marketing processes automatically, without the need of human action. Essentially, marketing automation can save your staff, parents, and you, more time! 

crm workflow automation

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Remember, before you can reap the benefits of marketing automation, you need to understand who you’re marketing to and their customer journey. Millennials are going to be your #1 demographic, so make sure that you understand the way that they think.  

Workflow automation is a series of automated actions that help guide families through the various steps of the enrollment process. With marketing automation your staff can focus on other parts of the enrollment process, like generating new leads, hosting tours, and brainstorming for upcoming campaigns and projects. 

5 Effective Ways to Market Your Childcare Business

Figuring out the right way to go about marketing can be difficult, but here are five ways to market your childcare business: 

  1. Automate Follow-up with Inquiring families - Use marketing automation to respond to new inquiries instantly. 

  2. Let Parents Schedule Tours From - Make sure scheduling a tour is prominent on your website and easy for parents. 

  3. Engage Families at Each Enrollment Stage - Keep parents engaged and moving towards enrollment after their tour. 

  4. Nurture Waitlisted Families Until the Point of Enrollment - Engage and retain your waitlisted families. 

  5. Allow Parents to Enroll and Pay Pre-Enrollment Fees Online - Offer parents online enrollment options. 

Watch the Webinar to Easily Market in Your Sleep

A strong marketing strategy can change the trajectory of your business. Implementing marketing automation can make it easier for your marketing strategy to succeed. 

To learn about how to market your business in more detail, watch our most recent webinar!


Meet The Author

Asyah Jiron is a marketing intern with professional experience in field marketing, content, and advertising. She attends the University of North Texas and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a Marketing concentration. Asyah is passionate about growing her marketing knowledge and always tackles any new challenge thrown her way.

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