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How to Build the Ultimate Enrollment Packet

Registration is a nuisance

Your staff has to spend extra time sending reminders about completing extensive paperwork, while also chasing down missing information and manually organizing everything. It’s also inconvenient for parents to keep printing forms and faxing and dropping them off to your center.  

Read on to learn about the challenges with today’s registration experience and how to avoid them with the best enrollment packet.

Today's Registration Challenges

Today’s registration challenges include slow or no response time, no follow-up after tours, time-consuming, limited communication, and no online payment options. Preventing these challenges can allow a parent to choose your center over a competitor. Furthermore, the type of parents you’re working with are millennials. There are a few things you need to know about millennials when it comes to the registration experience. 

  • 21% of a millennial’s day is spent on their mobile phone. 

  • 40% of millennials prefer self-service over human contact with business. 

  • 42% of millennials don’t own a printer. 

  • 60% of millennials like to communicate via text messaging. 

  • 52% of millennials never use checks. 

  • 73% of millennials say that valuing their time is important. 

Using these statistics, you can better understand the millennial mind, thus, making the registration experience more seamless. 

Building the Ideal Enrollment Packet

Nonetheless, there are strategic ways to build your childcare enrollment packet to ensure an optimized parent experience. First, you want to include the essentials in your enrollment packet. Your enrollment packet should include basic identifying information, emergency contacts/release authorization, medical information, information about the family, required state forms, and consents and agreements. Next, you need to streamline the registration process. Essentially, this means making the registration process a process. Offering digital registration and automating email and text reminders can reduce security risks and put parents’ concerns at ease. Streamlining the registration process can also save staff time.

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Take a Look at the Webinar for Essential Tips on Building the Best Enrollment Packet

Your enrollment packet is key to optimizing registration and parent experience. Addressing registration concerns and streamlining the process can save your staff, as well as parents’ time. 

Watch the webinar below to get more details on how to build the ultimate childcare enrollment packet.


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