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Create a Culture of Contribution That Sticks

Chanie Wilschanski, Host of the Schools of Excellence Podcast, is an Early Childhood Leadership Coach, CEO, and Founder of Schools of Excellence. Chanie has worked with hundreds of EC Directors and School Owners who are working to build a School of Excellence with higher staff retention, teacher motivation, parent partnership, and collaborative culture. 

Read on to learn how you can create a healthy work culture for your center’s employees. 

How Can You Create a 'Culture of Contribution' and What Does That Mean?

In this episode, Chanie Wilchankski explains that a culture of contribution is being dedicated to building sustainability and infrastructure in your childcare business. She also explains the importance of being intentional about every lead that comes in. When you build a culture of contribution you can ensure longevity with your staff. Furthermore, one of the first steps to creating that environment for your employees is to make sure that you’re connecting your company’s mission and vision. Your employees should feel like they can contribute to the organization and that there is an opportunity for growth. 

What is the 'Gratitude Matrix' and How Does it Relate to Retention?

The gratitude matrix is an intellectual property that Schools of Excellence created. It is a specific system in how to create a culture of gratitude where everyone feels seen, heard, and validated. Essentially, it is a system that shows employees and directors how to take the time to share gratitude with one another. 

What is a One-on-One?

A one-on-one isn’t just a quick conversation. It is a 30 minute conversation where you’re diving deeper into the teacher’s mental health, roadblocks, and personal and professional goals. Generally, this is a time to get to know where your center’s teachers’ heads are at. In this episode, Chanie emphasizes that if you do not have enough time to do a proper one-on-one, then you should reschedule it for another time. These meetings with your employees shows that you care about them. 

Listen to the Podcast

Chanie Wilschanski gives the most important tips on how to obtain and retain employees. In order to build a successful childcare business, it’s crucial to create a healthy work environment for your employees.  

To learn more about building a culture of contribution and how you can retain your employees, watch our latest podcast episode with Chanie Wilschanski. For more resources, check out this blog directory and filter by education! 

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