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How to Get Everything You Need to Run Your Childcare Business with One Unified Platform

Childcare technology is constantly expanding.  

What started as a digital shift evolved into the desire for tech to support human-to-human interactions. Today, we see technology platforms supporting businesses across industries. For example, thousands of childcare and early education centers must now rely on software to deliver a unified parent experience.

Learn more about a simplified platform to delight families and retain staff. Preview the webinar in this condensed blog recap or watch the full version below.

Disjointed Systems Result in a Poor Experience for Staff and Families

Today’s families expect a streamlined enrollment experience. Plus, your employees crave a simple onboarding experience. Unfortunately, childcare centers today purchase, manage, and train staff on more than six disjointed products that make the family and staff experience from inquiry to re-enrollment difficult.  

1) Poor family experience with fragmented software

  • Parents interact with disparate systems throughout the childcare process, including paper forms.
  • Millennial parents want a digital, parent-led experience.

2) Poor employee experience with fragmented software

  • Staff adoption of systems and ability to find information across fragmented software impacts speed and quality of service to parents.
  • Each time a new platform introduced a new adoption curve starts.

3) Multiple, inefficient systems increase the cost of doing business

  • Each product has its own price, margin, and cost of doing business you’re paying for
  • Multiple products mean multiple support teams and development cycles to help staff and parents; and innovate for the future

Solution: Move to One Unified Platform

Deliver a simplified customer experience for parents and staff. With LineLeader’s unified platform, childcare centers can:  

1) Enroll more families.  

Capture and convert more leads. Automate lead follow up, tour scheduling, registration, and reporting. Move from paper enrollment packets to online registration.  

2) Engage families.

Automate daily reports to share events with families in real-time. Automatically share developmental milestones and memorable moments. Easily communicate with families via our family engagement app.  

3) Simplify center management.

Streamline check-in by replacing paper sheets with digital attendance for students and staff. Bill and invoice online including recurring payments. Quickly report on attendance, payroll, and more.

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LineLeader by ChildcareCRM - all in one software solution


About LineLeader

The arrival of LineLeader is more than just a rebrand. This is the launch of a new, unified platform, also named LineLeader—the industry’s first and only Childcare Experience Platform (CXP) that provides childcare businesses with everything they need to manage their business and optimize the family experience. Plus, the LineLeader platform is easier to manage, adopt, and use. Childcare businesses can now partner with one company, get support from one company, and get best-of-breed technology.  

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