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How to Save Valuable Time with the Right Marketing Automation Tool

How quickly do you respond to prospective families? 

The likelihood of gaining a high-quality lead significantly drops 21 times if you respond to parents in 30 minutes, compared to 5 minutes. Further, a study found that 75% of companies use at least one kind of marketing automation tool. Needless to say, automating response time is vital. If you’re not following up quickly, families will slip through the cracks and move on to another childcare provider.

Read on to discover how you can use a marketing automation tool to effortlessly save time and contact families faster. ⬆️

Discover Effortless Marketing 

What Today’s Parents Want  

Millennials make up 80% of today’s parents to children under the age of 12 – so, they’re your main parent demographic. Millennial parents are looking for convenience and high speed to response rates in a method of communication that they prefer. Further, parents are more likely to enroll with the childcare center that responds first. You need a helpful marketing automation tool to send messages and campaigns to families with less work.

Best Practices for Responding to Inquiries  

  1. Follow up with families fast. The childcare center that follows up first with an interested family has an 80% higher chance of getting that enrollment. Parents today have busy schedules and need quick interactions. Often, parents choose the center that follows up first.  Tip: You can automate initial inquiry confirmations with software to save time and let parents know you’re engaged. Use a marketing automation tool to eliminate manual work.

  2. Get families to schedule a tour quickly. Send a text or email with a link to your digital tour scheduler because 40% of Millennials prefer self-service to human contact with a business.  

  3. Customize emails with personalization keys. Segmented, targeted, and personalized emails generate 58% of all revenue. For example, prospective families are more likely to respond when they see relevant information (potty training articles for a parent with an 18-month-old) or their name in the subject line of an email. 

  4. Respond using parents’ preferred form of communication. 60% of Millennials like to communicate via texting because it’s convenient. Compared to email, open rates for text messages are as high as 98%, and on average it only takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text. 

    text template for waitlist: marketing automation tool

How Can the Right Marketing Automation Tool Make This Happen? 

Automated marketing software helps your childcare business organize and send communications to parents faster. For example, you can effortlessly follow up with families using LineLeader Enroll as a marketing automation tool.

  • Use LineLeader’s two-way communications to send and receive texts and emails all in one place. Don’t let staff text families from their personal devices. A central hub automatically organizes your messages to prospective parents. 

  • Utilize email and text templates that fit your brand. Store brand logos, colors, and copy that reflects your childcare business so you can easily automate professional and personalized communications with families.

  • As follow-up tasks are assigned to you or your staff, see who completed each communication with parents. View the progress in LineLeader's communications section of family records. 

New email template with merge variables: marketing automation tool

Automate Your Follow-Up with Childcare Marketing Automation Software 

Today’s Millennial parents are looking for quick, convenient conversations with childcare providers that take the time to personalize text messages. Be the childcare business that responds to prospective families first, so you never lose out on a lead. The best marketing automation software makes it easy to automate crucial replies. Use LineLeader’s automated inquiry confirmations to save time, respond quickly, and let parents know you received their first inquiry.  

Discover how you can use a marketing automation tool to save countless hours.

Discover Effortless Marketing 

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Meet The Author

Hope Dasher is a marketing professional with years of SEO content writing and social media strategy experience. Hope had a Bachelor's degree from The University of Texas at Dallas in Psychology and Child Development and an emphasis on language. She has extensive knowledge of the childcare system, effective marketing strategies, and copywriting. Hope serves as a Content Specialist for the Marketing team at LineLeader by ChildcareCRM.

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