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Meet Your New Virtual Assistant: The Perks of Task Management Tools

How do you manage daily tasks? 🤔

LineLeader by ChildcareCRM can help you do much more than just store family information and send follow-up communications.

Take advantage of LineLeader Enroll's task management functionality to save hours each day. Effortlessly boost productivity and increase organization across your entire business.

With virtual task management tools, it's almost like having an office assistant guiding you through your daily schedule.

Manage Your Daily Tasks

A timeline of tasks can be maintained for each family in your childcare experience platform. Access task management tools across your organization, allowing your entire team to remain in the loop. Keep everyone up to date on what’s been completed and what the next big priority is. That way, you know how to plan your daily schedule.

Learn more about how to capture phone calls, emails/texts, or tour requests - hands-free

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“I love [the platform] because it helps increase enrollment and keeps me on track.”
-Gamze Venable, Generations Child Care  

Task management/automation

Task management tools in LineLeader

Receive Important Reminders 

Throw away the paper to-do lists and get rid of those pesky Excel sheetsWith a childcare experience platform, you can view an entire timeline of all your interactions with families. Effortlessly schedule future communications in advance with automated reminders so that you never forget to follow up with another prospective family.  

“We have been using CRM for a little over 2 years now. I love the accountability factor of it. It's like having an assistant right next to me reminding me to follow up on leads.”
-Sarah Kirschling, Giggly Hugs Child Care

Assign Tasks to Your Staff  

When you use an intuitive childcare experience platform for task management, setting a task for yourself is simple. LineLeader Enroll also makes it easy to assign tours, phone calls, emails, and more to different team members. There’s no need to keep track of sticky notes, appointment reminders, or emails sent between colleagues because you can see all your activity and upcoming tasks in one place. 

Expertly monitor whether or not tasks are being completed on time and at what rate. This allows you to see how your staff members are performing. Determine who may have too heavy of a workload, who deserves some kudos, or who simply isn’t accomplishing their goals. 

Task management - add task

Add a task - LineLeader Enroll

Save Valuable Time with LineLeader's Task Management Tools

With LineLeader by ChildcareCRM, you receive all these task management features for free. Maximize enrollments, while saving time and money.

Learn more about LineLeader Enroll to see how you can boost retention and attract more interest from families.

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