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Networking Like a Pro

The websites we once used strictly for sharing pictures of family and tending to virtual farms has changed considerably within the last few years. More businesses and business professionals are now making their social media accounts and extension of their resume, resulting in a process called "networking." Networking is an important tool to have in your toolbelt in order to grow your professional contacts and strengthen your center's business. Online networking is very important, but it's important to remember to stay active in offline situations as well!

While mastering the art of effective social media networking for childcare providers can be a long process, there are a few basic things you can do to build your network online and offline. Here are some tips we recommend to network professionally and efficiently online and offline.

Be active in your "local" community

We are using the word "local" loosely here. Local can mean close in location, but in this context we're using it to mean closely related. Building interindustry relationships is a key factor in expanding your knowledge and business contact list. In the 21st century, you need to engage with people in your immediate vicinity and people in your field or areas related to your field.

Tips for "Local" Networking Online:

  • Join Facebook of LinkedIn specialty groups
  • Engage in industry related blog comment
  • Join online forums

Tips for Local Networking Online:

  • Join Facebook of LinkedIn specialty groups
  • Engage in industry-related blog comment
  • Join online forums

Make your profile work for your digital content

Your online profile will often be the first impression you make on potential parents, potential business allies, and even industry experts. It's important to make a great impression! This will be a huge part of building your childcare marketing strategy, even on a personal page!

I'm not saying that you can never post a fun picture of your kids on your personal Facebook page. I'm just saying you should keep in mind who might be viewing your content - based on your audience and the types of posts you'll be sharing digitally. 

Some Good Things to Add to Your Social Media Profile:

  • Share industry-specific blogs and articles
  • Throwbacks to exciting points in your career
  • Industry news
  • Testimonials from happy parents!
  • Positive digital content and shared posts from childcare experts

Things to Leave off Your Profile:

  • Controversial posts
  • Political opinions
  • Negative posts about other business
  • Inappropriate photos (if you wouldn’t send it to Nana, don’t post it!)

Be smart about who you connect with!

Our first instinct when adding friends on Facebook or LinkedIn may be to add people that we personally know and are close with. This is fine, but consider also adding industry leaders you look up to. Not only will this give you access to high-quality, digital content, but it's possible that you could attract their attention if you're active enough on their posts. These are great relationships to foster!

Also, follow businesses that you interact with (i.e LineLeader by ChildCareCRM, KangarooTime) because these brands will often post industry-specific content (Perfect for sharing!) and sometimes even contests or coupons!

By following these simple tips, you can ensure a smooth beginning to your networking career. 

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