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New Horizon Academy Achieves 40% Conversion Rate with ChildcareCRM

New Horizon Academy (NHA) is a Minnesota family-owned and operated early childhood education company that has been serving young children since 1971.

After decades of using pen and paper to capture and manage leads, NHA knew it was time to embrace the digital age with CRM software that could grow enrollment and ensure timely follow-up with every family.

With 85 locations, NHA was looking to provide a systemic way to connect with families and track everyone through the active pipeline—from inquiry to enrollment. So, they began their search for a CRM that could meet the unique needs of childcare organizations and chose ChildcareCRM.

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Prior to ChildcareCRM, NHA collected new inquiries at their corporate office. When questions like ‘do you have openings for infants’ were asked, corporate would respond back via email and copy the Center Director to provide an answer. NHA also lacked insight on their new leads and enrollment pipeline.

“We had no insight into our pipeline. ChildcareCRM gave us this with a clear visual. We used to send out post tour surveys and previously couldn’t tell if families had already enrolled by the time we sent the survey.”

- Cara Johnson-Bader, VP of Marketing & Parent Experiences at New Horizons Academy

Without a database to store and manage leads, gathering reports on center locations for NHA was difficult, if not nearly impossible.

“Reporting is critical to provide us insights into inquiries by age, how families are hearing about us and where our marketing dollars are being spent (and returned). We had no insight into what schools were performing well or not. CCCRM made it so we could see what schools didn’t get many inquiries so we could allocate more marketing dollars there.”

- Cara Johnson-Bader, VP of Marketing & Parent Experiences at New Horizons Academy

Since 2019, ChildcareCRM has helped grow enrollment, build waitlists, and streamline the entire pre-enrollment process for NHA. Meanwhile, ChildcareFORMS has provided NHA with optimized digital registration so they can provide families with a simple way to fill out forms wherever they are, while also setting required form fields so they never receive an incomplete packet again.

“ChildcareCRM is a game changer! We don’t have to guess anymore.”

Download the full success story here to learn more about how ChildcareCRM has helped New Horizons Academy achieve higher enrollment rates and ease their workload.


Special thanks to Cara Johnson-Bader and New Horizons Academy for their insight regarding their experience using ChildcareCRM and ChildcareFORMS.

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