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LineLeader by ChildcareCRM Helps Manage Leads and Waitlisted Families with Daycare Software

Tiny Treasures Preschool has been serving children in Northern California since 1997. Founded by owner Beth Fiori, Tiny Treasures’ goal is to develop the self-esteem, education, and social skills of young children. As Tiny Treasures began to grow, Beth saw a need to modernize lead management and parent communications.   

She searched for lead management software that could organize family contact information in one place, automate lead follow-up, let parents schedule tours online, and keep her waitlist engagedAfter looking at several options, Beth chose ChildcareCRM which helps her stay organized, reduce her daily to-do list, and save 10-hours of work every week. 

The Impact & Benefit of Daycare Software

Daycare software is a game-changer for many centers. It provides an extra line of communication, simple ways to engage, and enhances operations. 

  1. Improved communication: Daycare software can facilitate communication between parents, teachers, and administrators. Parents can receive real-time updates on their child's activities, including meals, nap times, and playtime. Teachers can also use the software to communicate with each other and to update parents on their child's progress.

  2. Increased efficiency: Daycare software can automate many administrative tasks, such as attendance tracking, billing, and scheduling. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

  3. Enhanced safety and security: Daycare software can help to ensure the safety and security of children by providing features such as secure check-in and check-out, real-time monitoring of children's activities, and emergency notifications.

Tiny Treasures Improves Communication and Waitlist Management

Before working with LineLeader by ChildcareCRM, Tiny Treasures was using sticky notes and binders to manage leads, schedule tours, and build their waitlists. With manual tour scheduling and lead follow-up, opportunities were falling through the cracks.

Now, Beth and her staff use LineLeader to capture and automatically follow up with prospective families. Tiny Treasures can let parents schedule tours and join her waitlist – all online. With LineLeader, Tiny Treasures can easily send waiting list confirmations to ensure families are kept in the loop.

Download Tiny Treasures’ full success story to see how LineLeader has impacted their business. 

“The web forms were really easy to add to our website and are even easier for parents to use. Incoming parents just click the waitlist tab on our website’s navigation menu and they are taken to a ChildcareCRM contact form where they can enter all their information. Then, while they receive an automated waitlist confirmation email, I also get a text or an email that says somebody new has asked to join our waitlist. It’s just so simple,” said Beth Fiori, Owner and Founder of Tiny Treasures Preschool. 

Booking Tours: The Easy Way

Beyond using web forms on their website to build their waitlists, Tiny Treasures makes it easy for parents to schedule tours right from their website.   

 “I love the digital tour scheduler.  I like that I can set times based on my or my staff’s availability. Plus, it's not just parents who receive automated confirmations and reminders via text or email. LineLeader will send automatic reminders to my directors so that they know what their schedule looks like each day. They really love that,” Beth Fiori mentioned.

Tiny Treasures has been using LineLeader since 2019 to:

  • Save time by sending automated and personalized emails and texts to new inquiries.

  • Get organized by storing all family contact information in one place. 

  • Simplify tour scheduling and managing their waitlist by letting parents fill out forms online.

“If you have any kind of waitlist at all, the email system within LineLeader is going to be amazing for your business because it automatically emails the families on your waitlist. The waiting list emails all look really professional. They keep parents engaged and ensure they don’t start looking somewhere else for care," Beth Fiori stated. 

Save Valuable Time with Daycare Software

To learn more about how LineLeader has helped Tiny Treasures achieve higher enrollment rates and saved staff 10 hours every week, download the full success story. 

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