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8 Essential Questions to Ask During a Childcare CRM Demo

Do you need to streamline enrollment – but don’t have a clue how to do it or what to ask? 

ChildcareCRM has prepared a well-rounded list of questions to ask during your live CRM demo. Learn how to enhance your enrollment experience and get a high value return for your time with these eight questions. 

Q: What Is a CRM? 

A: CRM stands for customer relationship management. Essentially, it’s childcare software that helps you grow your centers and build meaningful relationships with less work. With CRM software... 

  • Capture and convert more families to registrations, waitlists, and enrollments. 

  • Organize family information, inquiries, and communications in one place.  

  • Automatically communicate with families throughout the entire journey to encourage them to enroll.


Q: How does the CRM capture leads from my website or social media?

A: The best childcare software will automatically capture family leads that come from your website with unlimited landing pages and web forms. 

Landing pages are used for a specific marketing purpose (ex: scheduling tours) and web forms are placed on each page to easily collect family contact information. Once a parent submits a form on your website – your CRM should automatically populate the data to create an up-to-date lead record you can easily build follow-up for. 

Capturing leads from social media works the same way. With CRM that has a Facebook integration, family information from Lead Ads automatically flows into your CRM inbox and you can respond to Facebook Messenger inquiries – all from a single screen. . 

Q: What is marketing automation and how does it benefit my business? 

A: Marketing automation manages marketing processes automatically—without the need for human action. The right marketing automation software can help your childcare business: get organized, boost enrollment, improve retention, build a strong brand image, and save a tremendous amount of time.    

Plus, centrally manage marketing for each center location—saving childcare directors 10 hours of work each week. 

Q: What marketing automation features does this CRM offer?

A: Your CRM should offer several solutions, depending on the size of your childcare business. For larger organizations, look for a childcare CRM that provides marketing automation features. Easily automate and simplify tasks like lead follow-up, tour scheduling, email drip campaigns, waitlist communications, enrollment paperwork, reminders, and more.

Q: How can this CRM help me generate predictable revenue?

A: View family lead sources, marketing campaign results, and staff productivity reports with CRM software to track trends, forecast predictable revenue for the next school year, and make data-driven decisions that boost enrollment. 

standard reportsSource of Families report

Q: Will your CRM integrate with my management system?

A: Short answer – yes! Your CRM should integrate with management systems to: save time, transition seamlessly, and keep family information accurate. 

CRM software talks to your CMS software. For example, a family record is automatically updated in your CMS when you update a family record in your CRM. Data from one system flows directly to the other saving time and reducing human error. 

CRM and CMS integration

CRM and CMS integration  

Q: Do you have experts to help me implement the CRM and train my staff?   

A: Yes, your CRM should have Customer Support teams with years of childcare and software expertise to make the transition seamless. Your CRM demo will detail the implementation process. 

Q: Where can I learn more about ChildcareCRM?

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