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Breaking the Silos: A Mini-Guide to Building Better Employee Relationships in a Franchise ECE Business

Everyone loves attention.

And ECE franchises are no different.

But when you’re running a multi-franchise business with hundreds of employees, it can feel impossible to make sure everyone feels like a valued member of the team.

And that’s where the problems start. Silos are created when communication between departments breaks down. The lack of collaboration leads to a lack of trust in the company—and ends with each siloed group looking out only for themselves.

The so-called 'silo effect' can cause some serious damage to your business, from rogue franchisees creating their own branding to disgruntled employees bypassing regulations.

There's no way to sugarcoat it: A fragmented business is bad business.

But don’t panic. We’re here to help.

This three-step plan gives you everything you need to avoid silos and ensure your employee relationships go from strength to strength.

Step #1: Get everyone on the same page

Who was it that said, “Those who work together stay together?”

Well, whoever it was, they hit the nail on the head. Because getting your franchisees working toward a common goal is the first step to breaking the silos in your company.

The world’s leading brands already know this. Head to the website of any big brand and you’ll find their company mission right there for the world to see.

According to research by Gallup, the reasons a united mission works to connect employees are fivefold:

  1. Everyone can get behind your mission, no matter who they are
  2. Missions inspire employees to connect with your brand on an emotional level
  3. It’s easier to set goals and find the right employees for the company
  4. Employees feel a sense of clarity—they know who they’re working for and why
  5. Missions can be measured, which helps you to adjust them down the line

In the words of epic brand-builder Walt Disney, “Of all the things I've done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.”Whatever you do, don't skip this step.

Step #2: Listen to your franchisees and employees

Remember when we said that everyone loves attention?

Well, it’s true.

And that’s why you need to become the best listener in the industry.

Your franchisees might want to share their problems, and those problems may be the same problems you’ve heard day in and day out for the past X number of years.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter.

When it comes to your partners and teams you need to let them know that what they say counts.

According to a 2016 Deloitte report, “The biggest challenge for HR in leading engagement programs is shifting from a transactional, once-a-year mindset, to an ‘always on,’ continuous listening approach to monitoring engagement.”In other words, listen always, to everyone.

Or at the very least, make it clear your door is always open.

Step #3: Communicate like it’s 2019

We get it. Communication is hard.

And when your colleagues aren’t in the same office as you, it’s even harder.

That’s why getting communication channels between franchisees and employees as streamlined as possible is an absolute must.

Luckily, technology is here to help. Look for a childcare management tool all your franchisees can use. When you can unite your teams in one private, central platform, it brings you together in more ways than one:

  • First, it means you can talk to whomever, whenever—the lines of communication are wide open and accessible to everyone.
  • Second, it creates an elevated level of cohesion that makes all your franchisees and employees feel like they're part of the team.

No matter how far you've come or how much your business has grown, it's important to remember that happy, committed, and connected employees are the key to every successful business.

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