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Simple Online Fee Payment—Is Available Now

Collecting pre-enrollment payments like registration, application, waitlist, and supply fees is a hassle and eats up valuable time from center directors. Many childcare centers only accept cash or checks for pre-enrollment fees, sending center directors running to the bank after a long day to make deposits.

Or directors are spending hours manually entering fee payments into a spreadsheet—hoping they don’t miss one or enter an incorrect amount by mistake.  

Millennial Parents Expect Convenience and Simplicity

Meanwhile, Millennial parents, who make up 80% of today’s parents to children under the age of 12, expect streamlined, digital experiences for everything from shopping to banking to childcare services. 60% of Millennials never carry cash and over 50% never use checks.

Ultimately, parents will choose the childcare organization that provides the convenience and simplicity they expect. 

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Introducing Simple Online Fee Payment

As the best CRM (customer relationship management) software for childcare organizations, we set out to solve this challenge and make pre-enrollment fee payment easy for both childcare centers and parents. We’re excited to announce the release of our automated billing feature— which doesn’t require childcare staff to process payments anymore. Center directors get back hours in their day all while meeting parent expectations for easy online payment. 

“We built our automated billing feature because our customers were looking for a solution to collect pre-enrollment payments for registration, application, waitlist, and supply fees. Now, online payments are easier than ever,” said LineLeader by ChildcareCRM CTO Seth Martin. 

With automated billing, childcare organizations can: 

  • Make fee payment part of enrollment. An add-on to our digital registration product, automated billing provides a seamless and simple experience for parents by including fee payment as part of online enrollment.  

  • Let parents pay the way they want. Today’s Millennial parents don’t use cash or carry a checkbook. They want convenience, simplicity, and digital payments. Let parents pay fees with a credit card, debit card, or direct debit (ACH).  

  • Eliminate payment processing work. Save hours by eliminating manual payment processing for registration, waitlist, and supply fees.  

  • Keep payment data secure. All financial data is encrypted, transmitted, and stored securely at a Level-1 PCI-certified service provider.  

If you’re not currently using any products, schedule a demo to learn more about automated payments. 

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