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Making the Right First Impression: Optimise Your Enrolment Process to Deliver the Best Childcare Experience

From initial outreach to enrolment, the enrolment process is the first crucial step in every family’s journey with your centre — and first impressions matter. 

But with multiple back-and-forth calls and paper-based enrolment forms, are your teams really putting their best foot forward? 

Let’s explore some of the challenges with the traditional time-consuming enrolment process and how digitisation can solve them. 💻

The problem: Leads (and revenue) are slipping through the cracks.

Between caring for children, communicating with families, and pulling manual reports — your staff has a lot on their plates. With so many competing priorities, it’s no wonder 90% of childcare professionals don’t respond to leads right away. 

But with 80% of Millennials expecting immediate responses and 60% of Gen Z more likely to hang up if their call isn’t answered in 45 seconds, fast follow-up is crucial to seizing every revenue opportunity for your center. 

In our Annual Benchmark Report, we reviewed data from over 6,000 childcare centres and found that 83% of top-performing centres contact leads within 24 hours to schedule a tour (using a little help from automated lead management).  

And the best childcare centres respond to leads even faster - within just 5 minutes of a family’s initial enquiry. 

Learn more about the ultimate childcare solution that keeps families registering year after year. 😊

registration forms text mockup

Mom registering for enrolment

The solution: Automated and personalised lead management 

Your directors are forced to rely on messy sticky notes, endless email chains, and unanswered voicemails to piece together their enrollment strategy.

And it’s not working.

But when enrolment communications for all your locations are digitised and centralised, every manual step is replaced by a seamless process that gives families the answers they want, when they want them - and with the personal touch they crave. 

In fact, 41% of Gen Z will provide their data for a more personalised experience so don’t be afraid to ask for information about their care needs and concerns up front, in your ‘contact us’ form. 

Here is an example of how your optimised enrolment process could look:

  • All incoming leads from phone calls, emails, Facebook, online directories, and your website are stored in one central place - organised by location, region, or corporate brands. 
  • Staff can easily access their daily to-do list and receive automated reminders for upcoming or incomplete tasks, keeping them on task and in constant communication with families that want to learn more about your programs. 
  • Families can self-serve (using features like tour scheduling and digital registration forms), reducing the manual administrative tasks required of staff and saving valuable time so they can focus on other important areas of the centre. 
  • Once an enquiry is sent or a tour is scheduled, they receive an automated follow-up via email or text message to confirm.  
  • Automated, personalised reminders help your team keep in touch with families and guide them through the enrolment journey until their start date.
  • When a family decides to enrol, the location’s digital enrollment packet (plus state forms) is automatically sent out via email for families to complete digitally, e-sign, and submit - reducing data entry errors and printing costs. 

Ready to blossom? Give families the best childcare experience!

Tis’ the season of change and growth. 

So, why not change up your centre operations?  

With a powerful unified childcare platform, faster follow-up with families becomes a reality for your business, without putting additional strain on your centre staff.  

As a major bonus, a streamlined enrolment process also leads to increased conversion rates, standardised processes across locations, and enhanced oversight at every business level.  

With streamlined enrolment and happy families – your centre will flourish. 🌼

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