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Multi-Forms Streamline the Enrolment Process and Offer Additional Flexibility

Paper-based enrolment is time-consuming for both families and staff.  

Staff are asked to print and organise paper forms, distribute and collect paperwork, and then manually enter family information into your CMS (centre management system). On the other side, parents have to pick up packets from the centre, complete stacks of paperwork (while answering the same, repetitive questions over and over), and then drop forms back off at the centre.  

Unfortunately, all this back and forth can cause many parents to give up along the way – especially Millennial and Gen Z parents who want digital options. In fact, 40% of today’s parents prefer self-service over human contact with businesses.  

Learn how you can streamline the enrolment process with online forms for enrolments, waitlist, holiday activities, excursions, re-enrolment, and more. 

Common Obstacles with Childcare Enrolment

  • Wasted time with back-and-forth trips to pick up and drop off forms at the centre.
  • No follow-up after completing tours to initiate enrolment or answer questions. 
  • No online options to pay enrolment and waitlist fees.
  • Limited ongoing communication to encourage form completion. 

The Future of Enrolment in Childcare 

73% of Millennials prefer to work with businesses that value their time. The future of childcare enrolment lies in streamlined enrolment processes. Parents want convenient options and staff need to save valuable time. 

Luckily, with FORMS online enrolment forms, childcare providers can easily collect family information, emergency contact information, consent and agreements, medical information, and necessary state forms. Staff can then access completed enrolment packets as a PDF or run a report to view all completed enrolment packets. Simplify enrolment with multi-forms.

See what you can do with FORMS:  

  • Enrol families online.   
  • Ensure forms are complete every time – automate reminders.  
  • Review packets anywhere, anytime. Childcare providers can access completed enrolment effortlessly in CRM/CRM+.

Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 1.05.20 pm
Digital enrolment packet 

Unlock Additional Time-Savings for Your Centre 

In addition to digitising your standard enrolment packet, digitise other forms at your centre such as field trip forms, re-enrolment forms, waitlist forms, summer and winter vacation care forms, and more. The more forms you digitise, the more time-savings you get for both families and staff.  

Parents will appreciate having more online options, where they can fill out the information at their convenience. Plus, you’ll eliminate manual tasks for your staff and save on paper costs.  

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 12.23.12 pm

Example School Holiday form created on LineLeader by ChildcareCRM

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