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Cross-Sell 101: Implementing Enrichment Programs to Scale Your Childcare Organization

Today, the LineLeader Blog is collaborating with Tony Nguyen – AKA Tony Two Phones (TTP).  He's a Georgia native and Account Manager here at LineLeader, and handles all the cross-sell for the company.  

Tony has been in sales for over 12 years and is super passionate about being in the front lines and introducing what’s new and exciting to our customers!

To successfully cross-sell, you need to be able to work closely with clients and understand their needs. In this blog, we’ll dive into the importance of implementing enrichment programs in order to scale your childcare organization. Let’s get into it! 

Importance of Using Enrichment Programs to Create Multiple Revenue Streams within Your Organization 

It can be difficult to come up with ways to safeguard your organization and grow revenue. In fact, 25%-45% of businesses aren’t able to stay open after just one financial crisis.  

Using enrichment programs to create multiple revenue streams within your organization is not only a secure financial strategy but also a tactic to enhance the overall quality and attractiveness of your offerings. Additionally, cross-selling these programs to current families can lead to greater engagement, loyalty, and a stronger sense of community. It’s a win-win-win for everyone. 

One of my favorite enrichment programs is Stretch-N-Grow – a company dedicated to providing high-quality educational exercise experiences through fun-filled fitness classes. Take a look at just a handful of the programs they offer. 

Stretch-N-Grow enrichment programs

Stretch-N-Grow Enrichment Programs

Cross-Sell Strategy: 3 Benefits of Enrichment Programs  

It’s tough to scale in this economy. However, cross-selling can increase the lifetime value of a customer by up to 14%. When families are more invested in your offerings, they are more likely to stay with your childcare organization, which ultimately translates into cost savings by diminishing the need to continuously attract new customers.  

Scale smarter, not harder. 

Diversification of Revenue Streams 

Relying solely on tuition fees for revenue can be risky. For example, the childcare industry could face abrupt budgeting cuts, center closures, or staffing shortages. With only one stream of revenue, your organization will be negatively impacted. Introducing enrichment programs allows you to diversify your income sources, making your childcare organization financially more resilient. Multiple revenue streams provide a cushion against economic downturns or unforeseen challenges. 

Remember to plan ahead. Tomorrow’s success starts today. 

Enhanced Educational Offerings and Competitive Advantage  

Today’s parents expect diverse options for exceptional programs and experiences. Enrichment programs elevate the quality of education and care you provide. They offer children unique opportunities for skill development, creativity, and exploration, aligning with the latest research on early childhood development. In a competitive childcare market, offering enrichment programs sets you apart. It positions your organization as a leader in early childhood education, attracting families seeking a comprehensive and enriched educational experience. 

For instance, providing a gymnastics class when an organization on the same street only offers the basics will help set you apart. This could be your key selling point that drives revenue.  

Staff Retention 

"If you bring in a center-wide program where all the kids get to participate – that's a break for your teachers. Schools are understaffed and teachers are tired, so that extra break has been so beneficial to our staff.” 

- Megan Bowling, Director of Franchise Development of Stretch-N-Grow 

With 44% of teachers feeling burned out often – it's essential to implement a new type of program, at scale, that can give educators the downtime they desperately need.  

How to Build More Than One Revenue Source for Your Enterprise 

Adding enrichment programs to your childcare center involves careful planning and consideration of various factors. Let's look at how to successfully introduce enrichment programs at scale. 

  1. Assess the Needs and Interests of Families: Start by surveying or conducting interviews with parents to understand their preferences and the specific enrichment programs they would be interested in for their children. Consider the age groups of the children in your center. Tip – Use a unified communication solution to make it easy for center staff to connect with families.
  2. Budget & Program Planning: Evaluate your budget and financial resources. Based on the needs and interests of families, research and select appropriate enrichment For example, these could include music, art, dance, foreign language, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), or physical fitness programs. Students will absolutely love the chance to take new classes (and parents will too)!
  3. Instructor Recruitment: Hire qualified and experienced instructors or educators for the selected programs. Ensure that they have the necessary certifications and background checks to work with children.
  4. Curriculum Development: Collaborate with instructors to develop age-appropriate curriculum for the enrichment programs. Align the curriculum with your center's educational goals and state standards if applicable.
  5. Marketing and Promotion: Create a marketing plan to promote the enrichment programs to current and prospective families. Use various channels such as your website, social media, newsletters, and open house events. Market with a purpose to impact your communities!

Meet and Beat Revenue Goals

Integrating enrichment programs into your childcare center is a multifaceted strategy that not only improves your financial stability but also enriches the quality of your services. These programs bring a multitude of benefits, including the potential for cross-selling that boosts customer engagement and loyalty. In a time when scaling can be a challenge, diversifying your revenue streams through these programs provides a financial safety net against unforeseen obstacles.  

And that’s a wrap!  

Thanks for tuning into this week’s tips. Our Executive team will be posting new blogs on LinkedIn regularly, so be sure to subscribe for updates on more industry-leading topics.  

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