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How to Operate in Childcare Licensing Excellence

Lakeshia Nnamani consults childcare business owners, like you, on how to build high-quality preschool programs so you can maximize profits, attract your ideal parents and stand out in the educational community. She supports early childhood leaders by focusing on kindergarten readiness, teacher development, and licensing compliance. 

In today's episode, Sierra and Lakeshia discuss the importance of operating in licensing excellence so you can achieve your business goals and see your center grow. 

Read on to learn more about the importance of licensing for your childcare center. 

The Importance of Licensing - When Starting a Daycare Business

In this episode, Lakeshia explains that figuring out what license you need for your state is as easy as a Google search. Be sure to look at the state level and that you’re always staying updated. Generally, childcare licensing holds you and your center accountable and gives you a set of rules. In the episode, Lakeshia emphasizes that if you’re following the rules everyday, then it becomes a habit. Plus, you can attend a child care licensing program to stay on top of your center's regulations. 

Systems to Stay in Compliance

In order to remain organized and ensure that you’re following childcare licensing requirements, it’s important to have systems in place. Some systems that have helped Lakeshia with her businesses are making checklists, creating spreadsheets, keeping up with mandated trainings and keeping files of all the childrens’ information. Creating checklists for everything and using spreadsheets to keep track of things like updated employee background checks, ensure that the center stays organized and within licensing requirements. 

Using Technology to Maintain Licensing Compliance

Furthermore, in this podcast episode, Lakeshia explains her dependence on Google. She explains how Google’s features, like Google Docs and Google Sheets help keep her organized and coordinate with her employees. She also explains that there are cameras in every classroom at her center so they can maintain compliance and always see what’s going on in the classroom. 

See the Insightful Episode

All in all, Lakeshia emphasizes why it’s important to operate in licensing excellence. She believes that those rules are in place for a reason and they are made to keep the children safe and secure.  

To learn more about licensing compliance and its importance, click the podcast episode below. 

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