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Top Tour Secrets From a Childcare Millionaire

Brian and Carol Duprey are certified childcare coaches, best-selling authors, and motivational speakers. Having 10 centers of their own, they've learned the ins and outs of how to host a childcare tour that converts. Discover best practices and tips from childcare experts in this episode.

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Keep reading if you want to learn how to give the best tours for your center. 

How to Give Quality Tours to Parents

One of the first tips that Brian and Carol give is upkeeping your building. Making sure your building is up to standard and that you’re keeping up with renovations is important for your business. Also, staying organized is crucial in giving quality tours; make sure you always have a tour checklist to go through. Furthermore, Brian and Carol also talk about looking through the customer’s lens. You need to be aware of what the customer is seeing when they walk through your center’s doors. 

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How Can You Differentiate Your Center's Tours From Other Centers?

In this episode, Brian and Carol talked about how LineLeader by ChildcareCRM has actually helped differentiate their centers from other centers. LineLeader offers automation software that makes it easier to follow up with parents. Furthermore, Brian emphasized that having a CRM (like LineLeader Enroll) sets you apart from other centers because a lot of centers don’t have CRMs. This ensures that your follow-up is better and faster than all of your competitors.

What Does Training For Tours Look Like?

The first step to training for tours is to find the right person to do the tour. Next, you want to make sure that whoever is giving the tour, has keys in one that the parent needs. To help better understand what the parent needs, Brian and Carols make all of their prospects fill out a questionnaire. This helps them evaluate what they can truly bring for the parent and their child. 

Gain Access to Top Tour Secrets 

Putting yourself in the parent's shoes is the key to giving quality tours. Once you really understand the parent and what they need, you can better assist them.

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