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Keys to Managing the 4 Kinds of Tours at Your Center

Andrea Dickerson recently joined ChildcareCRM: The Podcast to discuss what she feels is the MOST important part of the touring process.

Step one to optimizing your touring process may not come as a surprise… You need to begin by actually having a process in place. But Andrea isn’t just talking about scheduled, in-person tours. COVID-19 has completely changed the way you approach engagement with prospective families, communication with enrolled families, and it has especially altered the way you conduct tours with inquiring families.

There are several different types of tours in 2021, one of which may have emerged at your center over the last 12-18 months…

1) Scheduled, In-Person Tours

As a planner but also a people-person, this is my favorite way to conduct any kind of meeting… in person and planned out. Andrea suggests charging a small deposit fee, which can then be used towards enrollment fees. This fee helps assess how interested a parent is in your center and programs.

With this level of tour, Andrea rolls out the red carpet for families, showing them practically anything in the center they may have questions about.

For those not interested in making a deposit just yet, they can partake in the following tour type…

2) Unscheduled, In-Person Tours

Walk-ins, although important, can be tough on you as a business owner or operator. These tours may alter your daily schedule, disrupt your staff or children, and can be difficult to manage due to COVID rules and regulations.

Andrea greets these parents with kindness but also informs them that they won’t be able to receive a full walk-through of her center or classrooms until they have a scheduled appointment. Professionalism, confidence, and holding your ground are key here.

3) Scheduled, Virtual Tours

Another type of tour where Andrea rolls out the red carpet, only virtually… Andrea plans her virtual tours around her center’s opening schedule. This means that sometimes she is on Facetime or Zoom with parents after hours or even on weekends, showcasing her center and programs. This form of scheduled tour also requires a deposit, which can then be used towards enrollment fees.

4) Unscheduled, Virtual Tours

Much like walk-ins, these tours do not require a deposit. However, they also don’t receive the same level of one-on-one care and attention that a scheduled tour provides.

Rather than jumping on a last-minute Facetime or Zoom call, Andrea provides inquiring families with a link to see a video walk-through of her center. This gives them a glance into her program and facility while prompting them to get more information through a scheduled appointment.

Listen to the full podcast episode with Andrea to see how she gets the ‘yes’ to enroll from parents after her tour. Also, discover how she learns exactly what a family is looking for the moment they step into her center.

Listen to the full episode below or find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.



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