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8 Tips for Using a Video Marketing Strategy to Attract Childcare Leads

Did you know that using video as a part of your marketing strategy can attract new families? 

If you haven't heard, I’m here to tell you, VIDEO MARKETING IS AMAZING! Video not only has a longer shelf life on certain platforms but it also helps to build the know, like, and trust factor in your business.  

Using a video marketing strategy can do wonders for your business. Showing up for your ideal parent in different ways puts you ahead of the competition. When you take time to change your marketing to flow in the direction that gets your target audience's attention - you are on the right path. See 8 tips to implement a video marketing strategy that attract the right leads to your center.

Five Ideas For Creating Videos

1) Welcome Video  

Creating a professional welcome video is a unique way to greet your prospects. Your welcome video can be as simple as you walking through your center and talking or you can even do the video in a classroom setting or your office. This video is intended to welcome parents into your childcare center for a tour.  

2) Virtual Tour  

Virtual tours are definitely here to stay. This is a very convenient way for parents to take a tour of your school in the comfort of their own environment. For safety reasons, when hosting a virtual tour it is recommended that you use a prerecorded video of only the center and if you do include the kids in your center, please be sure to have a photography disclosure form signed by the parents.  

3) Video Testimonial 

When a parent goes out of their way to record a testimonial video, it shows that they really love your school. Testimonials need to be specific, touch on a pain point, and drive the viewer to take action. Video testimonials can be placed on your website, on your social media, used for an advertisement, or even put on your YouTube page. The choice is yours. 

4) Vlog

A Vlog is a video blog. Making educational vlogs helps your childcare center to stand out as an expert in the childcare field. Parents will look to you for their childcare needs because of your extensive knowledge in childcare. Some topics you can vlog about are: 

  • Potty Training Tips 

  • Tips For Learning At Home  

  • Fun Family Activities 

  • Tips To Help Preschoolers Read 

  • Tips For Picky Eaters 

  • Easy Meals  

5) Short-Form Video 

TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat are all a type of short-form videos. Short-form videos are very quick videos that focus on being Edu-Taining (Educational and Entertaining). Attention spans are getting shorter so many social media platforms have added bite-sized videos to their platform. If you haven’t already, you will be seeing a lot more of this content form in the near future. Use short-form clips as a part of your video marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Strategy Best Practices: Where To Showcase Your Video Content

1) Live On Social Media Platforms 

Going live is a great way to build the know, like, and trust factor with your community and potential families. Although many center owners get nervous behind the camera, you would be surprised how going live on platforms like Facebook or Instagram can help you to build a community and help you to stand out from other childcare centers. Your video marketing strategy will thank you!

2) Email Communications 

Inserting videos in your emails is a great way to communicate with potential families. Platforms like LineLeader have email template editors that make it easy for you to add videos to your emails to families. Email marketing is an essential strategy to include in your business plan. When you build your own contact list or family database, you are building a community with which you can share information – helping you to increase enrollment.  

3) Text Messaging

Did you know that text messaging has an extremely high open rate? That's right, text messages get your messages to parents quickly. Parents like getting direct and factual communication. So, the likelihood of them opening the text at that moment is very high. Let’s face it, we know they have their phone very close by or even in their hands – and emails just can’t compete. If you have a video you'd like everyone to see - and quickly, such as a video about your new COVID-19 health and safety policies, try sending it via text.

Enhance Your Tactics with the Right Video Marketing Strategy

Using videos in your marketing efforts is a great way to stand out in your community. Learn more about marketing tips and best practices from Childcare Provider Services and the “Childcare Business Marketing Playbook”, which has training and repeatable strategies for your childcare center to grow consistently.  

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