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Your Ultimate List of Childcare Data and Statistics

What’s peanut butter without jelly? 🍞

What’s a plan without data and statistics? 📈

You want more insight, and we’ve got the solution. Check out well-researched childcare data and statistics from our annual Benchmark Report. Take a glance at this information to improve enrollment, center management, staff retention, and family satisfaction. 

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Stats About Millennial and Gen Z Parents 

  • 40% of Millennials prefer self-service over human contact with businesses. 
  • 64% of Gen Z consumers believe brands should provide a personalized experience. 
  • 53% of Gen Z bought something through a mobile device in the last 6 mos. 
  • 80% of Millennials expect an immediate response when contacting a company. 
  • 33% of Gen Z has never written a check to make a payment. 
  • 89% of Millennials said they would use a mobile app for contactless check-in or payments. 
  • 41% of Gen Z will provide their data for a more personalized experience. 
  • 60% of Gen Z are more likely to hang up if a business doesn't answer their call in under 45 seconds. 
  • Studies show that brand loyalty among Millennials increases 28% on average if they receive personalized customer experiences. 
  • 50% of Millennials don't carry cash  
  • 53% of Gen Z consumers prefer to shop online. 
  • 76% of parents want to hear from schools at least once per week. 
  • Re-engagement campaigns are effective, as 45% of recipients who receive re-engagement emails typically read them. 

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Business, Employee, and Industry Stats 

  • It costs 30-50% of your employee’s annual salary to replace them. 
  • More than 60% of workers estimate they could save six or more hours a week by automating their repetitive tasks. 
  • 25%-27% of teachers have considered quitting. 
  • On the other hand, a highly engaged workforce can increase profitability by 36%. 

Childcare Marketing and Lead Stats 

  • This is a problem because research shows that contacting a lead after 30 minutes is 21X less effective than following up within 5 minutes. 
  • Even contacting a lead at the 5-minute mark means they're 10% less likely to respond. 
  • Using segmented, targeted, and personalized emails can generate as much as 58% of your revenue. 
  • 66% of consumers won't make a purchase if they receive content that isn't personalized to their unique needs. 
  • A recent study found that automated lead nurturing can even convince 15-20% of potential buyers who weren't initially ready to purchase. 
  • One company reported saving 8 hours per day when they started scheduling reports automatically using their childcare software. 

Social Media Stats 

  • With 2.8 billion monthly active users, it's no surprise that Facebook is a popular platform for childcare businesses to generate leads and connect with parents.  
  • In fact, 90% of parents use Facebook every week. 

LineLeader Enrollment and Engagement Stats

  • Almost 25% of inquiries for your childcare business come from phone calls. 
  • In our recent survey, we found that 90% of childcare professionals don't respond to leads right away. 
  • 84% of respondents from our survey said they rely on spreadsheets, notebooks, or sticky notes to capture incoming leads. 
  • 68% of our top converters use call recording to capture and store incoming phone leads and more easily convert them to enrollments. 
  • 28% of our top converters use Facebook integration to follow up with Messenger and Lead Ad inquiries faster and from one central location. 
  • 70% of childcare owners and directors use landing pages and web forms to capture more leads. 
  • Our top converters average 35% more active landing pages and companies that increased the number of landing pages on their website from 10 to 15 saw a 55% increase in leads. 
  • Our top converters send 2-3 texts and 6 emails to leads throughout the enrollment process. 
  • Our survey revealed that almost half (42%) of childcare professionals reported sending updates to families about their child's development 2-3 times per week. 
  • 32% of childcare businesses consistently communicate with enrolled families at least once a day, according to our survey. 
  • 78% of our top converters have self-service options enabled, such as parent-scheduled tours, and they make sure to contact leads quickly after the initial inquiry. 
  • In our recent survey, we found that only 11% of childcare professionals say they receive registration paperwork back within a day. 
  • In our recent survey, 53% of childcare professionals said their teams spend 7 or more hours a week on lead follow-up, which is the easiest task to automate for childcare businesses. 
  • But if you're not taking the necessary steps, you could be losing up to 79% of your potential families. 
  • Our top converters send 36% more texts and 77% more emails to engage families. 
  • Our survey found that 60% of childcare businesses spend 7+ hours per week sending updates to families about their child's day and developmental milestones. 
  • In our recent survey, we found that 66% of childcare businesses collect checks and cash onsite rather than enabling parents to pay digitally. 
  • The same survey also found that over 35% of childcare businesses say it takes an average of 
    3-6 days for families to pay tuition fees. 
  • Our top performers use 4X more custom reports to get a deeper insight into business trends. 
  • Our survey revealed that many childcare businesses spend a significant amount of time each week (between 4-9 hours) compiling reports by hand. 
  • In our survey, 37% of childcare professionals said that collecting and preparing data manually takes a significant amount of time and hinders their team's success. 
  • 28% of centers process $20,000 or more each month, according to our survey. 
  • In our survey, nearly 55% of childcare businesses spend between 4-9 hours per week compiling reports by hand. 

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