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Unlock 5 Key Takeaways to Elevate Your Childcare Experience

Level up your childcare experience 

As a childcare provider, you use a variety of tools to run your business, like software for lead management, marketing automation, center management, payment processing, staff management, payroll, and more.  

But the problem is these tools either don't communicate with each other or require customization to partially communicate.  

This creates a fragmented experience for staff and families.

The Current Childcare Experience: Fragmented and Time-Consuming

For employees, learning and managing multiple tools is challenging.  

And when the tools don't integrate with each other, it's hard for staff to do their job.  

Information in one product differs from the information in another, which frustrates staff and results in inaccurate information being shared with parents. And the cost of training on multiple products plus the actual cost of purchasing all these products adds up fast. 

For families, this often means creating multiple accounts and remembering multiple logins when interacting with your center.  

This can be particularly frustrating for Millennials and Gen Z parents, who want mobile-first, digital experiences and want to self-serve as much as possible. 

Unlock 5 proven best practices based on real data, in our 2023 benchmark report, to elevating the growth and management of your childcare business.

Dive into 2023 with essential insights for your childcare business. 

Our industry is in the midst of a digital transformation.  

And with today's families expecting more and more from their childcare providers, you need a roadmap to navigate the changing landscape.  

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you. 

We, at LineLeader by ChildcareCRM, have pulled together data from our 6,000 childcare business customers across 5 countries to identify ways to help you boost enrollment and retention.  

Plus, this year, we're also including results from our survey of 3,500 childcare professionals to share insights on what drives a great staff and family experience. 

Don’t let opportunities pass you by 


Man on laptop - gaining essential insights 

Your 5 Keys to Childcare Success

  1. Centralize lead capture to improve response time. 80% of today’s parents expect an immediate response when contacting a childcare business. 
  2. Deliver personalized moments and experiences. Almost two-thirds (64%) of Gen Z consumers believe brands should provide a personalized experience. 
  3. Empower families with self-service options. 40% of Millennials prefer self-service methods over human contact with businesses. 
  4. Automate manual, time-consuming tasks. More than 60% of workers estimate they could save six or more hours a week by automating their repetitive tasks. 
  5. Regularly report on business performance. Our top performers use 4x as many custom reports to get deeper insights into business trends. 

Learn more about each of these key takeaways in our 2023 benchmark report. 

Invest In Your Family and Staff Experience

LineLeader is the first and only platform to deliver full-featured customer relationship management (CRM) software, a family engagement app, and childcare management software (CMS) in one unified platform.  

LineLeader helps your childcare business manage its business and optimize its staff and family experience so it can succeed in a competitive market.  

Now, childcare centers can eliminate the multiple disjointed products they use to grow enrollment, engage families, and manage their centers. LineLeader serves more than 6,000 childcare centers worldwide.    

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