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4 Tools Childcare Professionals Should Use for Waitlist Management

The childcare industry is a challenging one, so how can you take your business to the next level?

With inquiries coming from walk-ins, online searches, ads, and more - it's tough to keep track of your prospects. Some prospective families are interested in registering for your waitlist immediately.

Learn about time-saving childcare marketing tools to manage your waitlist and grow your childcare business effectively. 

Helpful Waitlist Management Tools for Childcare

1. Use a Simple Landing Page Builder 

If you have a childcare business, you should have a website. Within your website - it's helpful to build landing pages to promote and market your unique childcare programs. Beyond that, a landing page can be used for waitlist management. With a simple wage to build a standalone web page designed for a specific goal (ex: growing your waitlist), you can easily facilitate and organize your childcare waitlist inquiries. 

Waitlist Landing Page Best Practices (how to create one)!

  • Keep the copy simple - stick to promoting your goal [registering for your waitlist] with a captivating headline.
  • Create a clean design - use sleek, bold colors, readable fonts, and helpful graphics.
  • Include your childcare brand logo at the top. You're more likely to remain top of mind with prospective families.
  • Add a web form that's easy to fill out.

Need a simple way to manage your waitlist?

Download a FREE daycare waitlist template.

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(P.S. You can also use intuitive technology to manage your waitlist, almost hands-free).

2. Create Sleek Web Forms 

An interactive website with web forms allows you to easily build a waitlist queue. Web forms should be placed on a landing page with a specific goal in mind. Remember - keep it simple. Web forms with 3-5 form fields see the highest conversion rates. For your waitlist web form, you'll want to include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contact information - phone number or email address
  • Which center location's waitlist they want to register for

Or simply invest in the only all-in-one platform for childcare to build waitlist inquiry forms for you - practically hands-free.

Waitlist Form

LineLeader waitlist form

3. Engage Your Waitlist with Lead Nurturing Email Templates 

Engage your daycare waitlist with frequent communications and valuable content. In terms of what you should be sending, here are some regular long-term lead-nurturing email campaigns to share:

  • Tips (ex: ‘The importance of socialization in toddlers’ )

  • Facts (ex: ‘Why do newborns get jaundice?’)

  • How-to’s (ex: ‘How to encourage your child to share’)

Enhance your waitlist management with captivating content that's relevant and impactful.

email template

LineLeader: example waitlist email template 

4. Invest In a Childcare Experience Platform to Boost Your Waitlist Management, with Less Work 

Growing your business can be scary, but the future of your business depends on it. Investing in a single, unified platform can help you manage your daycare waiting list with ease. 

LineLeader is the first and only platform to deliver full-featured customer relationship management (CRM) software, a family engagement app, and childcare management software (CMS) in one unified platform. LineLeader helps childcare organizations manage their business and optimize their staff and family experience so they can succeed in a competitive market.

Now, childcare centers can eliminate the multiple disjointed products they use to:

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