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Keep Your Daycare Waitlist Engaged with 9 Inquiry Email Templates to Nurture Leads

It's key to check in with your waitlisted or 'on hold' families at regular intervals. 👨‍👩‍👦

These touch bases allow you to make sure the families on your daycare waitlist are still interested in your center and have not decided to enroll somewhere else. Enhance your waitlist process to engage families. 

We've written 9 lead nurturing emails that you can use to keep them excited about enrolling at your center. 💌

Lead Nurture Email Marketing Campaigns

Parents have more choices than ever before about where to enroll their children for care. When it comes to daycare, many families send inquiry emails for care with 5-7 different centers, book tours with 3-4, and then contemplate between 2-3. It’s essential that you stay top of mind with emails to potential daycare families who might be waitlisted and looking in other areas. Lead nurture email marketing campaigns let you frequently touch base with families.

Start with 2-3 emails in the family's first week on your daycare waitlist. This ensures that they feel in touch with you and don’t feel forgotten after registration. Then, you can begin to make the emails less frequent. From 2-3 times in the first week, you send 1-2 in the second week. By the third week, you can move to one a week. Ideally, the longest you would wait between each email is 10 to 14 days.

Plus, consider sending quarterly daycare newsletter emails. You can set up a drip campaign to automatically track your prospective parents' behavior (ex: what they click, which content they download, how they interact with your email, etc.). That way, you can automatically engage the families on your daycare waitlist with personalized content.

shared content - daycare waitlist

Daycare email template example: sharing content

Lead Nurturing Email Content Ideas for the Families on Your Daycare Waitlist

Engage your daycare waitlist with frequent communications and valuable content. In terms of what you should be sending, here are some regular long-term lead-nurturing email campaigns to share:

  • Tips (ex: ‘The importance of socialization in toddlers’ )

  • Facts (ex: ‘Why do newborns get jaundice?’)

  • How-to’s (ex: ‘How to encourage your child to share')

Tips to Improve Your Daycare Waiting List with Email Templates

  1. Consistently communicate. Waitlisted families want to hear from you. By regularly sending texts or emails, you can gauge their level of interest and win their enrollment over your competition.
  2. Be transparent. Keeping the families on your daycare waitlist happy is crucial. Let them know how much you charge for waitlist fees (childcare waitlist fees average $50-$350)and how long they can expect to wait for a status change (approximately 6 months to 2 years).
  3. Stay organized. Don't drown in manual paperwork. Update the enrollment status of your waitlisted families with ease. Childcare software can help you do this

Download Daycare Waitlist Email Templates to Nurture the Families at Your Center

Download our Ultimate Guide to Growing and Engaging Your Childcare Waitlist to view 9 free email templates you can begin using today at your own center. Keep your daycare waitlist engaged with valuable messages.


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Lead Nurturing Video Resources to Boost Your Daycare Waitlist

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