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Childcare Marketing Tips for the New Year

We blinked and it’s here! Well, almost.

As the calendar turns and we look back at the inquiries and tours that rolled in, you might be wondering how to improve this year over last. Read on to gain childcare marketing tips for the upcoming school year. 

You’ve come to the right place. You can better define next year’s childcare marketing strategy by asking yourself these three questions.

1. Where Should We Be Looking?

Since history tends to repeat itself, it may be most helpful to look at where you’ve been trending in recent months, quarters or even years. Taking a quick look at your trends and lead sources will give you key insights into who your audience might be and how you should be marketing to them. For more information on helpful tactics to boost enrollment, read our article about the abcs of marketing

2. What Do We Already Know?

You are the expert at what you do, which means no one knows your business like you do. Take some time with your team discussing which parent communications or promotions have been most popular. Where have you seen responsiveness increase and where has it flatlined? Closely monitoring your follow up processes and email interactions. Look to see which email sends were the most popular in converting inquiries to enrollments.

Tip: Use similar email marketing content and test multiple subject lines to see which ones create the best response.

3. What’s Next?

Once you’ve decided your target audience and appropriate messaging to convert phone calls to tours and tours to enrollments, it’s best to set up your email and text messaging automation to reflect your end goals. Set up a childcare marketing campaign with start and end dates and track specific resources applied to each email campaign and event. Don’t forget to use landing pages and contact forms on your website to give inquiries the opportunity to express interest. Keep interested families up to date by effectively advertising your child care business. 

So what’s the verdict? Do you have what you need to move next year’s inquiries through the enrollment funnel quickly and efficiently? It’s not always easy to see the numbers in black and white but taking a comprehensive look into your lead sources and follow up processes will help you ensure that your next enrollment season drives results.

The right childcare solution should offer marketing automation. Enroll more with less work.

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