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Empower Families to Self-Serve with These 4 Proven Tips

Self-service options make families happy. 😃

In today's busy world, finding ways to save time is essential. Self-service options help parents manage common childcare tasks on their own time, like scheduling tours, completing registration forms, and paying tuition, without putting extra burden on your staff.

In fact, 40% of millennials prefer self-service methods over interacting with businesses in person.

Some benefits of offering self-service include increased efficiency, less time spent on administrative tasks, and an improved parent experience, just to name a few.

By providing self-service options, your staff can focus on other important tasks. And best of all, you'll increase parent satisfaction rates by giving them what they want. Let's get into it. 😌

1) Let families schedule tours from your website.

Tours are a critical part of the parent journey.

They provide families with their first impression of your childcare center, so it's important to make the entire process easy and accessible. Don't let missed phone calls and delayed follow-ups be the reason you lose a potential family to another center.

Instead, consider adding an online tour scheduler to your website. This way, parents can choose from available time slots, schedule a tour that fits their schedule, and receive automated confirmations. With the right technology, families also receive reminders through emails and texts, which increases the likelihood that they'll show up for the tour.

78% of our top converters have parent-scheduled tours enabled.

Learn About Digital Tour Scheduling!

Digital tour scheduler on website

Example of LineLeader Enroll: Digital tour scheduler

2) Digitize forms for registration, wait lists, field trips, and more.

In our recent survey, we found that only 11% of childcare professionals say they receive registration paperwork back within a day. Online enrollment is a better option for families because it's quick and easy to use. By offering online enrollment, you can easily collect family information, emergency contact details, consent and agreements, and medical information.

Plus, with the right childcare software, you can send automatic reminders to families via email and text, and allow them to upload documents like immunization records. Childcare software that also includes your Parent Handbook, accepts e-signatures, and offers state forms is ideal.

Centers that let families self-serve for registration convert faster, as they get enrollment forms back 3X faster than centers that use paper packets.

3) Accept online payments to save staff and family time. 

It's important to offer digital payment options for tuition fees because 50% of Millennials don't carry cash and 53% of Gen Z consumers prefer to shop online.

By providing options like a mobile app for payment and accepting debit cards, credit cards, or direct bank transfers (ACH), you make the payment process more convenient for parents.

This also helps streamline payment processing for your staff, giving them back time in their day. Digital payment options make paying tuition fees as easy for parents as shopping online, which can also help your center avoid chasing down late payments.


Example of LineLeader Manage: Automated billing and invoicing

4) Make drop-off and pick-up easier with digital check-in and check-out. 

Child drop-off and pick-up can be challenging for families. With so many families coming and going, there's not always time for parents to share information about their children.

One solution is to provide an app that lets parents leave important notes for the teacher, like information about their child's meals or any health concerns. This helps the staff at the child care center stay informed about the children in their care, while also providing peace of mind for parents.

In addition to this, digital check-in and attendance tracking make drop-off and pick-up more efficient. This includes tracking all child information in one place, reviewing drop-off notes, and approving pick-ups. Parents can also let staff know their estimated time of arrival before they drop off or pick up their child.

By offering a contactless, self-service experience through a mobile app, you can meet the expectations of families. Make mornings and afternoons less stressful.

Let families self-serve: Streamline operations and improve retention!

In conclusion, self-service options can significantly improve the efficiency of your childcare center and reduce administrative tasks for staff.

By providing online tour scheduling, digital forms for registration, mobile payments, and digital check-in and check-out - you can streamline communication and save time for both your staff and parents.

Additionally, self-service options can improve parent satisfaction rates, leading to better retention rates and increased referrals.

Embrace technology and self-service options to deliver an excellent childcare experience for families, while also optimizing your business operations.

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