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3 Ways to Manage Your Waitlist with Child Care Software

Did you know a San Antonio daycare had 400 kids on their waitlist at one time?

Between limited staff and an incredibly busy schedule, it's tough to manage waitlist communications for every family. And when you don't have the time to message families, they may begin to look elsewhere for care.

See how to tackle this problem and take the competitive advantage by improving your waitlist organization and efficiency with child care software.

1) Let Parents Effortlessly Pay Waitlist Fees

Families on your waitlist are in an interesting position. While they're close to the end of your enrollment funnel, families still need additional encouragement to pay. Otherwise, they may fall out of your pipeline. Let parents easily pay waitlist fees with a childcare solution that allows parents to self-serve - especially since 60% of Millennials don't carry cash and would rather use debit or credit cards to pay.


Automated payments for childcare fees

2) Automate Waitlist Communications to Keep Families Engaged

It's easy to miss a parent message here or there. However, consistently answering waitlist inquiries and sending emails or text messages is vital to staying top of mind. If families are on your waitlist, there's a good chance they're on the waitlist for multiple centers. You want to provide a clear line of communication to win that enrollment.

Give parents the consistency they need with automated text messages and emails. Use child care software to automatically send emails and text messages - without lifting a finger. You and your staff will save time, while maintaining parent satisfaction. Plus, you can easily view an audit trail that details who sent the waitlist message and the date it was delivered.

text template for waitlisted families - requesting daycare waitlist fees

Text message within LineLeader

3) Store Text and Email Templates

Do your communications lack cohesion?

Often, teams get focused on the idea and goal - forgetting the simple things that can make a powerful impact.

Achieve regularity through stored text and email templates with branding elements (logos, colors, fonts) to create clear, uniform messages. Find child care software that lets you store customized and branded email templates to automate mass communications (but with personalized variable tags that cater to parents). For example, easily store templates and automate personalization with LineLeader by ChildcareCRM. Variable tags and personalization keys like [Lead First Name] or [Location Name] are used to automate sending messages to certain parent segments in your waitlist communications.  

Take advantage of child care software features to guide parents through enrollment – while building long-lasting relationships before they ever step foot in your center.

Manage Your Waitlist with the Right Child Care Software

Master managing your waitlist and save staff time with child care software that's specifically built to nurture families throughout the entire enrollment process. Grow more enrollments practically hands-free with LineLeader.

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