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Boost Your Childcare Profits: How to Increase ROI By Tracking Enrollment Campaign Results

Since you're reading this, you probably already know that running effective marketing campaigns is essential.

But, simply launching a campaign and checking back 4 weeks later isn't enough. In this blog, we'll explore how to increase ROI by testing different strategies and tactics and making data-driven adjustments to optimize your marketing efforts 

So, let's dive in! 🏊

Table of Contents

Track, test, and adjust your campaign results.

1) Test your subject lines and header copy.

You can get a better idea of what your audience is interested in by testing two versions of your campaigns. For example, if you were sending out emails about a new program, you could test subject lines like: "Have you heard about our new program?" versus "Our new program is here! Have you heard?" 

You'll be able to see which version gets more clicks and opens. 

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2) Track campaign results.

Marketing reporting is a great tool for childcare providers and childcare directors to use.  

Marketing reporting allows you to access and run all the reports you need in one place, so you can eliminate the manual processes that eat up your time.    

Marketing Campaign ROI Report 

One of the most important reports is the Marketing Campaign ROI Report. This report shows which campaigns are leading to enrollments, so you can identify which marketing efforts are successful for your business.

Then, apply what worked to future campaigns. Use these reports to create and share internal best practices with your teams so they duplicate that success at other centers and for other enrollment initiatives. This will all lead to higher conversion rates and will help improve your ROI (return on investment).    

Most marketing professionals recommend looking at campaign data once a week to learn which channels are working the best. 

Waitlist Report 

Effortlessly track which families are on your waitlist. See how many times your staff has communicated with them to ensure they’re consistently kept in the loop. That way, you stay top of mind!  

Plus, easily notify families as soon as an enrollment spot becomes available. Guide families through your enrollment funnel with regular communication and updates. All of this can be accomplished with LineLeader’s automated reports and automated messages 

Source of Families Report 

It can be hard to figure out which marketing efforts and channels are worth your precious time and money. Focus on the ones that will yield the best results for your business. 

Generally, tracking lead source data will tell you:   

  • Which marketing channels and efforts encourage your families to enroll the most? Then, you can adjust your spending to improve your return on investment.
  • How do families prefer to contact your childcare business? Start promoting those channels more to increase inquiry rates.   
  • Which communication efforts should you use more based on your primary lead sources? 

LineLeader Reports New

LineLeader automated marketing reports

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Today’s enrollment journey is full of lengthy processes for you, your staff, and even for parents. You need to simplify your lead nurturing strategy – for everyone. 

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  • Hands-free marketing automation to consistently nurture families
  • In-depth reports for real-time insights that help you enhance campaigns 

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Check out our guide for marketing tips that can help grow your business. ☑️

Meet The Author

Hope Dasher is a marketing professional with years of SEO content writing and social media strategy experience. Hope had a Bachelor's degree from The University of Texas at Dallas in Psychology and Child Development and an emphasis on language. She has extensive knowledge of the childcare system, effective marketing strategies, and copywriting. Hope serves as a Content Specialist for the Marketing team at LineLeader by ChildcareCRM.

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