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A Childcare Business Owner's Tips | Business Plan for Daycare

Tiny Treasures Preschool has been serving children in Northern California since 1997. Founded by owner Beth Fiori, Tiny Treasures’ goal is to develop the self-esteem, education, and social skills of young children. As Tiny Treasures began to grow, Beth saw a need to modernize lead management and parent communications.    

She searched for lead management software that could organize family contact information in one place, automate lead follow-up, and let parents schedule tours online. After looking at several options, Beth chose LineLeader by ChildcareCRM which helps her stay organized, reduce her daily to-do list, and save 10 hours of work every week. 

If you want to learn more about how LineLeader has positively affected Beth Fiori and her approach to a business plan for daycare, keep reading. 

Beth's Approach: waitlist management is a crucial part of your business plan for daycare

Beth Fiori really believes in building your waitlist - and so do we! 😍  

Waitlist management is an important part of any business plan for daycare. The benefits of building a waitlist are many, and they can help you scale your business in many ways.

First, a waitlist allows you to see how many families are interested in your services before you ever have to hire anyone. You can see how many potential clients are out there, which will help you determine whether or not it's worth it to invest in more staff or equipment.

Second, a waitlist gives the parents who are on it a sense of security that their child will have a spot at your center when they need one. Parents love knowing that there's something planned for their children even if they can't get them into daycare right away (and believe us: kids love knowing that).

Thirdly—and this one is pretty straightforward—having a waitlist helps you grow as an organization by increasing your capacity! Or, if you don't quite have enough staff, a daycare waitlist ensures you maintain proper classroom and ratio compliance

How can LineLeader help you manage leads on your waitlist?

In this episode, she explains how LineLeader keeps her organized, keeps track of leads, and provides professional email templates to engage potential families. When it comes to pre-enrollment, the best childcare center will use software to keep track of all communications. Plus, unrivaled childcare software should let you make phone calls, schedule emails, and even let you leave notes for your other employees so everyone is on the same page.

Beth explains that LineLeader helps her track who she talked to, automate compelling marketing messages to encourage enrollment, and pull reports on her waitlist when needed. Her staff also loves the LineLeader because the system makes it easy to manage leads and do their jobs. Attract your daycare target market - Millennial parents - with LineLeader by communicating the right messages to waitlisted families.

Beth agrees that any solid business plan for daycare will include tactics and tools to grow waitlists, with less work. 

Listen to the Podcast

In this podcast episode, Beth Fiori recommends that other childcare centers adopt a unified platform to keep their business organized and looking professional. 

To learn more about Beth’s journey with LineLeader, listen to our latest podcast.👇

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