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What's the Real Cost of Disjointed Childcare Management Tools?

Tired of feeling like you need an octopus's extra arms just to keep up with all the disjointed tools you're using in your early learning business?  

We feel you! It's no wonder that educators today are dealing with twice as much work-related stress as the average employee. 

Even though we've been in the social media era for over a decade now, it's still pretty common to see childcare businesses using old-fashioned manual tools like Excel spreadsheets and paper-based notebooks, checks, forms, and notes. It's like we're stuck in the Stone Age! 

But here's the thing - all of these disjointed tools come at a high cost, and not just financially. They can also take a toll on your team members' mental health and overall work experience.  

So, let's ditch the outdated ways of doing things and embrace modern technology to make childcare management easier.

Trust us, your team will thank you (and so will your sanity!). 

Wasted staff time increases expenses for your business.  

Learning new technology for daily use — or re-learning it each time a staff member gets out of practice and stops using it for a while — is simply too much to ask of a team that’s already operating at max capacity.  

And unfortunately, when tools don’t get used as they should, your directors are often asked to play ‘tech support’, dedicating valuable time to training and re-training staff members when they could be focusing on more important enrollment and operations initiatives. 

Even after your staff has learned a new product, switching between various logins and dashboards is time that could have been spent engaging with prospects and parents, or improving the family experience. 

With the right childcare management tool, you can save more than 35 hours of time per month, per center. Imagine what it could mean for your business to gain back an entire week of time simply by equipping your team with the tools they need to be successful. 

Check out our staff retention guide to equip your team with supportive tools! 


Childcare staff 

Tech Overload: How too many products can break the bank. 

One downside of the digital revolution is that it’s now becoming increasingly common for childcare businesses to waste their budget on ineffective products that hardly get used. Using a lot of childcare management tools really adds up.
Each product has its own price, margin, and cost of doing business. And multiple products come with multiple support teams, training sessions, and billing invoices.  

And with every new tool, the costs increase... 

Rather than unintentionally overspending on multiple disjointed systems, using one unified platform to manage everything from enrollment to compliance on one screen helps you tap into price bundling and discounts that can increase your profitability. 

poor vs. unified childcare experience

Poor vs. unified childcare experience

Tackling Barriers: How inconsistent data is holding you back. 

How easy is it for your staff members to talk to each other about what’s happening with each family enrolled in your center? 

Disjointed processes create silos in your business. These invisible barriers keep team members focused on their own goals and tasks, rather than working toward a common mission. It also creates a poor experience for families.  

When staff is given bad data to work with, they end up calling parents or students the wrong name, mismatching children and their guardians/parents, or worse — not knowing a child's allergies and medical concerns. This can lead to:  

  • unsafe conditions for children 
  • dissatisfied families 
  • fed-up staff members who simply can't do their job because they don't have the right resources. 

One platform, one cost, one easy-to-manage childcare business.

When it comes to managing a childcare business, having too many disjointed products can break the bank and create barriers that hinder your team's ability to provide excellent care to the families you serve.  

With each new tool, the costs increase, and staff members become more isolated from one another. 

That's why it's essential to consider using a unified platform to manage everything from enrollment to compliance on one screen.  

Not only does this help tap into price bundling and discounts, but it also provides staff members with the accurate data they need to provide personalized experiences for the families you serve. 

Save money and deliver excellent care with the only all-in-one platform for childcare – that can really do it all.  

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