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Unify Your Enrollment Team in 6 Simple Ways

When you run a successful child care organization, one of your many goals is delivering world class partnership and service to your prospective and currently enrolled families. Understanding the needs of your incoming customers requires more than just giving an overview of your program and scheduling tours over the phone.

To stay ahead of your competition, child care organizations need a 360-degree view of their enrollments: a complete history with each center along with current information about their children and the details that make them so valuable to your schools.

With rapid growth of your organization, you may be considering moving your inquiry-to-enrollment contact processes to a key individual or team of enrollment specialists. Forming this team may help you streamline the contact that happens before and after a tour and optimize your sales and service focuses for incoming customers.

Here are six key benefits to implementing a team of specialists to manage your enrollment and contact processes.

1. Greater Communication & Accountability

Using their childcare CRM system, Enrollment Teams can now access the full scope of a prospective parent’s interaction with each center in your organization. A complete history of calls, emails, texts and tours can be easily accessed by members of the Enrollment Team leading to better conversations and relationship building.

Since your Enrollment Team’s focus is solely on making contact and walking each new family through the inquiry process, they lose the distraction of daily center life. This allows Enrollment Team members to interact in a timely, thorough and personalized way with each potential enrollment.

2. Higher Efficiency and Productivity

In addition to improved communication with new families, utilizing an Enrollment Team equipped with CRM access will improve overall efficiency within each center. Enrollment Team members should be able to respond more quickly to potential enrollments through the eliminated need for manual follow-up and family research.

Using their Childcare CRM system, an Enrollment Rep can create or accept new leads, track them with ease and pass the information along to the center directors with the push of a button, keeping everyone on your team informed so you can deliver the highest level of service possible to each parent.

3. Increased Conversion

One of the major benefits we’ve heard about from CRM customers using the system for their centralized enrollment teams is that the power of the system has helped drive enrollments faster than before.

We often hear that time to follow up is not a luxury most center-level teams have. Enrollment Reps can handle incoming calls or leads and answer pre-tour questions, sell future parents on the benefit of your organization and then hand them to their center directors for tours of the location. Once the tour is complete, reps can pick up where they left off, hand post-tour services and close the enrollment gaps even faster.

4. Improved Customer Service

Without an Enrollment Team, your center-level staff may be the only personal interaction your potential families have if they don't move forward to the tour, so their experience with your brand could start and end here. This makes your staff’s communication critical. When a potential enrollment calls in for more information, they expect you to have the details they need in hand, ready to provide world-class service. We all know the day to day of a center. At any moment the center-level staff is juggling tasks, calls, teachers and children. It’s no doubt that not every call receives the same level of service.

Enrollment Team members can take incoming calls or web leads and tie them to specific centers, needs and priorities to ensure they tailor each conversation and email with those parents. This provides a smooth transition from the Enrollment Team to the center and reduces director and parent headaches related to the enrolling processes.

5. Reduced Cost

Inefficient processes translate to higher center costs since less time and fewer resources can be allocated to manage day-to-day operations. Using a childcare CRM's Enrollment Team functionality along with your powerful management system integrations can help reduce time and costs to your bottom line at each center.

By deploying this feature, centers can automate follow-up and capture all the call activities directly into their CRM system for better tracking of leads, opportunities and key metrics in your enrollment processes.

6. Enhanced Reporting Metrics

Not only can you use a childcare CRM to track your trends, wins, losses, and reporting metrics.... But once your Enrollment Team is in place, a CRM will give you the ability to manage the team effectively and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns and enrollment plans.

Think of the information you’ll have on center phone call volume, family needs, time spent in the enrollment pipeline and more. Having a dedicated team of individuals monitoring your multi-site childcare organization's inquiry to enrollment cycle may help ensure your data is clean and as complete as it can be.

Unify Enrollment with LineLeader by ChildcareCRM

If you’ve considered implementing a centralized enrollment process within your organization, now may be the time. All it takes is one less-than-awesome experience for a potential parent to decide to enroll elsewhere or create negative noise around the community. Get started today with LineLeader by ChildcareCRM's Enrollment Team functionality.

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