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Increase Childcare Enrollment Not Costs – 3 Reasons to Dump the Subscriptions

How many different subscriptions are you paying for? And no, I don't mean Netflix. 

With so many areas of your business to manage, you don't want to have to call 6 different customer service centers when one thing goes wrong; or keep track of different billing cycles and invoices from all your separate vendors. 

There are more childcare software solutions available than ever before to help you capture new leads, communicate with families, grow your enrollmentdigitize your registration, accept registration payments, and even hire new staff. 

Here’s why you should look for an all-in-one childcare CRM and lead management solution to help you manage your operations: 

1) Multiple subscription costs can really add up. 

The average multi-site childcare business has six different subscriptions. Some of these include services in the following areas: 

All those solutions, although extremely important for the success of your business, begin to add up. And when you use a different provider for each, they can cost you several thousand dollars every month. 

2) Keeping track of different billing cycles is no fun for anyone. 

After signing a contract for a paid subscription at home, you may opt in to an automatic payment plan and never even notice those $8.99 Netflix, $12.99 Amazon Prime, or $6.99 Hulu charges leaving your checking account.  

However, when a $1,200 payment comes out of your organization's bank account, someone is bound to notice. Managing monthly invoices and payments is a delicate dance. Eradicate the need to keep an excel of all your services and subscriptions by using just one solution for as many of your business needs as possible. 

3) Customer Service can be hard to track down. 

New research finds that 62% of companies don’t respond to customer service emails. At ChildcareCRM, we find that both shocking and sad...  

Don’t be left wondering when Company A and B are going to get back to you about your problem while being placed on hold with Company C, all because Company D somehow messed up your software integration.  

Having one provider for several software solutions means you only have to contact one Customer Service team and keep one email address or phone number on file in case you have a question. 

Streamline your business and your budget with one provider who can do it all. 

ChildcareCRM offers software solutions that can help you get rid of all those other pesky service providers.  

Take advantage of lead capture, lead management, email marketing, text messaging, automated task management, digital tour scheduling, online multi-language registration, digital registration payments, and even attracting and hiring new employees with just one monthly payment and one amazing customer support team. 

See What Jennifer Duffield from Dancing Moose Has to Say.

Learn how Jennifer Duffield, Owner of Dancing Moose Montessori School, got rid of many of her other subscriptions and now relies on ChildcareCRM to help scale and manage her business. 


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