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Generate More Family Leads with LineLeader's Facebook Integration

Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users - which makes it a popular platform for childcare businesses to interact with prospective parents and generate new family leads. In a single day, you and your team are juggling communications with parents in multiple places – including email, text, your website, and Facebook.  

Without a way to quickly organise and respond to your Facebook enquiries, leads will slip through the cracks. You need a way to streamline these responses and automate follow-up tasks to save staff time.  

LineLeader by ChildcareCRM now integrates with Facebook Messenger and Facebook Lead Ads to help you capture more families who are interested in your centre. Parent name or contact information flows directly into LineLeader for automated, immediate follow-up. 

Grow Your Childcare Business with Facebook 

Millennial parents make up 80% of today’s parents to children under the age of 12, meaning they’re your #1 parent demographic. Since 90% of them use Facebook every week, it’s often their most convenient communication option when interacting with local businesses.  

40% of parents prefer self-service options over human contact with businesses and many see phone calls as overly intrusive. So as parents turn to channels like Facebook for convenient communications with your centre, make sure you and your team are prepared to capture these enquiries and have a process in place for responding to them. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on opportunities to enrol new families at your centres.  

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Streamline Lead Communications

The  Facebook integration seamlessly organises communications from Facebook Messenger in your CRM inbox and captures the parent’s name as a lead. Plus, parent information from Facebook Lead Ads is automatically captured as a lead, letting you know that someone has expressed interest in your centre and triggering your automated workflows to encourage them to schedule a tour and eventually register for care. Understand how effective Facebook leads are by tracking Facebook as a lead source. 

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“With this new integration, our customers will no longer be at risk of not seeing a parent enquiry on Facebook and missing out on the opportunity to enrol that family. Our Product and Engineering teams have worked closely with Facebook to ensure that parent information is collected seamlessly within our CRM and CRM+ software,” said Seth Martin, CTO at LineLeader. “Since LineLeader allows you to automate follow-up communications for Facebook enquiries and conversations, staff will also have more time to spend where it matters most – with their enrolled children.” 

Key Benefits
  • Save time. Automate Facebook lead capture and follow up. Quickly respond to Facebook Messenger communications from your ChildcareCRM inbox. 

  • Grow at scale. Easily integrate multiple Facebook business accounts to capture Facebook leads for each centre location. 

  • Boost enrolment and waitlists. Capture more leads from Facebook and follow up with those leads immediately using LineLeader automation.  

  • Get a two-in-one integration. Capture both Facebook Messenger conversations and Facebook Lead Ad forms in one place. 

Use Facebook Integration for Multi-centre Childcare Organisations  

For multi-centre organisations, LineLeader easily integrates multiple Facebook business accounts to capture Facebook leads for each location. 

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Use ChildcareCRM to enhance Facebook follow-up for each location in your multi-centre organisation.

Boost enrolment and waitlists by capturing more leads from Facebook and following up with those leads immediately using LineLeader automation. Get more information about the integration and how to turn it on for current users, in this overview document. And for additional ways to optimise Facebook for childcare marketing and business growth, click here. 

See how the LineLeader Facebook integration works in real-time when you schedule a demo. 

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