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Today's Staff and Families Are Looking for a Better Experience: Here’s Why

Often, the burden of work that should be automated falls on your already-busy centre staff.  

And enrolled families are frustrated with the time-consuming processes they have to navigate while seeking daily updates and making family care payments. 

But it's a new year and your families and staff have new expectations, so it's time for a change.  

Don't just try to meet these expectations - exceed them. 

In this blog, we'll break down how you can provide a better experience that meets the needs of both staff and families. 

The Challenges with Today’s Childcare Experience 

As a childcare provider, you use a variety of tools to run your business, like software for lead management, marketing automation, centre management, payment processing, staff management, payroll, and more.  

But the problem is that these tools either don't communicate with each other or require customisation to partially communicate.  

This creates a fragmented experience for staff and families.  

For employees, learning and managing multiple tools is challenging. And when the tools don't integrate with each other, it's hard for staff to do their job.  

Information in one product differs from the information in another, which frustrates staff and results in inaccurate information being shared with parents.  

Plus, the cost of training on multiple products combined with the actual cost of purchasing all these products adds up... fast.  

For families, this often means creating multiple accounts and remembering multiple logins when interacting with your centre.  

This can be particularly frustrating for Millennials and Gen Z parents, who want mobile-first, digital experiences and want to self-serve as much as possible. 

frustrated parent

A parent with multiple children

Common Challenges for Staff and Families 

For Staff  
  • Lengthy onboarding process 
  • Time wasted managing multiple products 
  • Manual, repetitive tasks that take time away from families 
  • No visibility into what's working and what's not working 
For Families
  • Slow or no response to enquiries 
  • Manual, paper-based enrolment process 
  • Multiple accounts and logins to manage 
  • Lack of digital and auto-pay options 

The Staff Journey—Fragmented and Time-Consuming 

Today's childcare staff don't want to deal with complicated technology, manual processes, and stacks of paperwork.  

Unfortunately, their experience from onboarding to centre management includes all these obstacles and more. 


Today's staff experience

What Staff Want from Their Childcare Employers 

  • Automated tasks that save time  
  • Easy ways to engage families  
  • Easier center management  
  • Access to real-time data  
  • Unified technology 

The Family Journey—Tedious and Inconvenient   

From the first Google search for a childcare center to their child’s preschool graduation, families are seeking exceptional digital experiences along their early learning journey.  

Unfortunately, their experience is often tedious, impersonal, and inconvenient. 

Staff and Family Journey LineLeader

Today's family experience 

What Modern Families Want from Their Childcare Providers

  • Fast responses  
  • Personalisation  
  • Self-service  
  • Convenience  
  • Unified experience 

Level up your childcare: Build a better experience for families.  

Today's childcare centres are more than just a place to take care of children. They're also an opportunity for children to learn, grow, and explore in a fun and engaging environment.  

Not only that, but today's centres offer more choices and options than ever before, making the current childcare experience lengthy and time-consuming for families. 

And with new technology, today’s centres can keep up with a fast-paced, highly competitive childcare market that’s rapidly changing. 

So why not find a platform that saves time and helps you build a better experience for families? It's time to change the way you think about childcare! 

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