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How to Accomplish More in Less Time: Childcare Experience Platform, Explained

Childcare businesses manage and train staff on more than six disjointed products.  

Not only is it expensive to manage your business on multiple different platforms, but it also creates complexity for already busy staff. Keeping track of multiple software subscriptions, billing cycles, and support contacts causes unnecessary stress for you and your team. 

What if you could log into one system to easily search and manage all your pre-enrollment and post-enrollment information and tasks? And what if all of this was available in a single, unified platform that has absolutely everything you need to grow your business and optimize your family experience? Now, you can. Introducing LineLeader by ChildcareCRM – the first and only Childcare Experience Platform. 

How does a childcare experience platform benefit the childcare industry?   

65% of businesses with over 100 employees are in the process of creating a digital transformation plan. More and more industries are reviewing outdated, paper-based processes and looking for ways to save staff time and cut down on manual work with streamlined, digital processes.  

The Childcare industry is at the start of its digital transformation journey. Centers that choose to keep up with this progress and innovate in their businesses are going to be years ahead of their competitors who decide to stick with their tedious, manual enrollment and operations processes.  

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Put family experience first. 

For the past decade, transformation in the Childcare industry has focused on improving center operations, rather than enhancing the family experience. It’s essential that you and your team simplify and improve your parent journey to remain successful in an increasingly competitive market. And now, with the first-ever Childcare Experience Platform for childcare – you can accomplish all that and more. 

Millennial parents make up 80% of today’s parents to children under the age of 12. They expect streamlined, digital experiences for everything from shopping and banking to childcare services.”  

- Matt Amoia, CEO of LineLeader by ChildcareCRM. 

The right software solution can minimize the number of manual tasks your staff members have to complete while reducing paperwork. It can also reduce the number of enrollment steps parents have to complete before they register or re-enroll, saving them time and making enrollment convenient

LineLeader by ChildcareCRM on desktop, tablet, and mobile

LineLeader by ChildcareCRM shown on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

What Is a Childcare Experience Platform?  

A Childcare Experience Platform empowers childcare professionals with robust customer relationship management (CRM) software, a dedicated parent engagement app, and childcare management software (CMS) - all together in one solution. 

The childcare industry’s first and only Childcare Experience Platform (CXP), LineLeader by ChildcareCRM, equips childcare businesses with everything they need to simplify the family and staff experience. This innovative technology is your one-stop shop for organizing enrollment, engaging with the families in your center, and managing your daily operations and billing. Your staff gets valuable time back in their day and families receive the optimized enrollment experience they’re looking for.

The Key Modules of a Childcare Experience Platform 

With a Childcare Experience Platform, childcare centers can: 

  • Enroll more families. Grow enrollment by capturing and converting more leads, automating lead follow-up, tour scheduling, registration, and reporting. Get up to 3x more completed registrations with online forms versus paper forms. 
  • Engage parents and guardians. Save time by automating daily reports to share events with families in real-time. Automatically share developmental milestones and memorable moments with parents. Easily communicate with parents via our parent engagement app and portal. 
  • Simplify center management. Digitize check-in by replacing paper check-in sheets with digital check-in for students and staff. Bill and invoice online including recurring payments. Quickly report on attendance, payroll, and more to give parents the streamlined experience they prefer. 

3 modules within LineLeader by ChildcareCRM

The 3 modules within LineLeader by ChildcareCRM – Enroll, Engage, and Manage

Easily Improve The Way You Manage Your Childcare Business  

Technology is key for growing your childcare business – while reducing your workload and daily stress. 

You need the right platform to support your staff as they provide a best-in-class experience for your families. Remain top of mind and secure the competitive advantage with LineLeader by ChildcareCRM – the industry’s first and only Childcare Experience Platform (CXP).  

LineLeader by ChildcareCRM helps childcare businesses simplify their parent and staff experience so they can succeed in a competitive market. Now childcare centers can eliminate time-consuming enrollment processes caused by having a fragmented tech stack. LineLeader serves more than 5,500 childcare centers worldwide.  

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