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Making Your Parent Portal #ParentApproved | Daycare Parent Portal


It’s official—the world has logged on to digital for good.

Thanks to the global app addiction, the rise of Edtech, and the boom in distance learners, we’re pretty sure parents have never spent more time logging in and out of preschool portals.

But as everyone well-versed in technology knows, there are as many cons of preschool portals as there are pros.

From over-complicated systems to limited teacher take-up, there’s always room for improvement—and with so much on the line, making your parent portal #ParentApproved is 100% worth the time.

Here’s why every ECE business needs to level up its parent portal and make it super easy to connect with parents and children no matter where they are.

Boost retention with the right family engagement app and an easily accessible family portal

What is a daycare parent portal?

A daycare parent portal is a window into children’s activity at school. They allow parents to see exactly how their child is progressing—from special learning moments to meals and nap times—and allow teachers to share announcements in real time.

Sounds cool? That’s because it is. 😉

But unfortunately, not all parent portals are created equal—and it’s just as easy to find yourself with frustrated teachers and parents, as it is to build a winning process that works for everyone.

The key to an awesome parent portal lies in the user experience (UX).

Here are a few pointers to help enhance your UX and provide a daycare parent portal parents will love:

  • Great UX at the front end and back end: Frustrating login processes and hard-to-navigate user interfaces are a sure way to kill adoption rates. Parent portals should be easy and fun to use for parents and teachers—look for automated features, visual dashboards, and one-click communication.
  • Customizable features: No two childcare centers are the same. Your systems need to reflect your brand, period. From visible logos to easy-to-use features, how you ‘do you’ in your portal is key to attracting and retaining your families.
  • Integrated systems: The ideal parent portal should be just one element in a business-wide childcare management system. Choose an all-in-one tool for minimal log-ins and streamlined services.

#MillennialsLoveMobiles (and they should love your daycare parent portal too!)

We talk a lot about the importance of understanding the families you serve.

With over a million millennials becoming moms each year, childcare centers must get to know the shifting needs of millennial parents.

And according to research, those needs are often digital:

In other words, millennials love their phones. 📱😍

So, when it comes to building a parent portal that sticks, keep in mind that the future is mobile. Make sure parents can log in easily from a fully responsive mobile app.

Get #ParentApproved (and stay that way)

Finding a preschool portal that provides the ultimate parent/teacher experience is every center director’s dream—but it’s not always easy.

So, let’s run through those must-have features for a parent-approved childcare portal one more time:

  • Great UX at the front and back ends
  • Automated options
  • Integratable systems
  • Visual dashboards
  • Customizable features
  • Mobile friendly

Once you’ve aligned your tech with what parents really want, building strong parent-teacher relationships will be easier than ever. 👌

Take a look at LineLeader's stunning, easy-to-use daycare parent portal in the video below! 👩‍💻

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