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The Modern Resources Teachers Need to Simplify their Daily To-Do List & How to Ask for Them

Let’s be real – you’ve got a tough job. 

From managing a 20, 30, or even 40-student classroom and fostering development, to creating new curriculum and activities, to maintaining relationships with parents – it's a lot to handle. 

But it’s absolutely critical. Since 90% of children’s brains are developed between the ages of 0-5, you’re more than a caretaker. You’re a brain architect. 

And the last thing you need to be worrying about is making sure parents are reading their children’s daily sheets... 

Let’s explore some of the modern digital resources available to educators, like you, that can help you focus on more of what matters most – the students in your care - and how to ask for these tools!  

Why teachers need access to digital tools in the classroom... 

You have so many things to juggle – from tracking each student’s development to communicating with families and developing curriculum to managing challenging behaviors to so much more...  

And it’s a challenge to balance all these tasks, especially when you're being asked to work harder, not smarter. 

With the right systems in place, you can craft beautiful lessons, provide real-time updates to families, and track student progress effortlessly.  


Teachers communicating with parents via LineLeader Engage.

Essential Family Engagement App Features that Give Teachers a Helping Hand 

Lesson-sharing & developmental tools

  • Photos and Videos of Memorable Moments: Capture each child’s memorable moments in the classroom and share them with families.
  • Lesson Sharing: Share your beautifully-crafted lesson plans with families so they can reinforce educational progress at home. Plus, submit and get lesson plans approved by administrators with ease!
  • Food Tracking: Track each child’s food items and quantities for every mealtime.
  • Digital Portfolios and Developmental Milestones: Give an individualized portrait of each child’s development in your classroom over time. Track ongoing student progress and keep it all in one place to make parent-teacher conferences a breeze. 

Helpful ways to boost parent-teacher communication. 

Use a parent app to keep families in the loop with photos, calendar updates, notifications, and more.  

  • Digital Newsfeed: Easily post updates to the digital newsfeed to let families reply and react. Plus, get a report that shows the reactions, comments, and interactions your posts are receiving so you can actively see the impact you’re making!  
  • Unlimited Messaging: Send messages to families and have them quickly respond - directly through the app (not your personal device – so you can keep work at work). Automate quick reminders and notifications or send emergency alerts to keep families 'in the know’.

Self-service features to save valuable instruction time. 

Make it easy for parents to check students in, provide notes in the app at drop-off, and access portfolios digitally through a mobile app. That way, you can save time for what matters most – providing quality education to your students. 

  • Contactless Check-in: Parents can check students in and out through an easy-to-use app while informing them of expected arrival times and providing notes about the child’s morning thus far. 
  • Calendar: Schedule events or activities and share them with families or other colleagues. 
  • Digital daily reports: Daily reports (with activities, notes, photos, and videos) are automatically emailed to parents for each student so you don’t have to manually write, type, or hand out papers at the end of the day. 
  • Automated ratio management: No more texting or calling your director to ensure you remain in ratio all day long. The app will track students and staff who are checked in (or out) of a classroom or area - and you’ll get reminders when you’re either out of ratio or getting close to it. 

Ready to give it a shot?

LineLeader’s parent engagement app, Engage, is beloved by Owners, Directors, Teachers, Administrators, and parents. But don’t worry – you can leave the convincing to us! 

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