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How to Improve Center Management with Automation (in 5 Steps)!

Manual, time-consuming tasks are eating up 6+ hours a week.

Have you ever wished you and your staff could save more time at work?

Over 60% of workers estimate that they could save six or more hours a week by automating repetitive tasks. That’s almost a full week of lost productivity every month! 

This is especially relevant in the childcare industry, where there are so many manual tasks involved in managing leads, keeping parents updated, running your center, and retaining families.

Learn which enrollment and administrative tasks you can automate to improve efficiency at your centers. 

Let’s dive in! 🏊

Best Practices for Automating Time-Consuming Tasks 

1) Automate follow-up communications to new leads. 

Are you managing your leads and communication with paper and spreadsheets?

If so, you're missing out on potential enrollments and revenue. Studies show that the center that follows up first has a much higher chance of getting that enrollment—around 80% higher. 

But if you're not taking the necessary steps, you could be losing up to 79% of your potential families. So how can you increase enrollment?

One way to avoid this is by using marketing automation to respond to new inquiries right away. Automated workflows help increase conversion success by making sure families are followed up with immediately and consistently. And with automation, you can personalize each message, delivering more of what parents want in less time. 

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2) Streamline how teachers share daily reports with families. 

Millennial and Gen Z parents want streamlined communications, digital experiences, and in-depth information about their child's progress. Our survey found that 60% of childcare businesses spend 7+ hours per week sending updates to families about their child's day and developmental milestones. 

But you can save that time by using digital updates instead of manual, paper sheets. With digital updates, you can share activities, lessons, notes, and memorable photos from the day, as well as report on their child's mood, meals, nap schedules, bathroom logs, and more. Make it easy for teachers to easily keep families engaged in their child's educational journey with digital daily reports. 


LineLeader: Example daily report

3) Automate staff reminders about tours, new child start dates, and more. 

Managing dozens of preschoolers and their families while keeping track of everything in notebooks, binders, and sticky notes can be overwhelming.

It's not surprising that 25% of teachers have considered quitting. 

Use automation to send emails and text reminders to staff about appointments, so they never miss a tour or forget about a new child's start date. You can also automate reminders to staff about renewing their educational certifications before they expire, so everyone stays compliant with licensing regulations. 

Plus, you can build work schedules online and allow staff to track hours in real time. They can view their schedule and log hours even when they're away from the center. This gives staff visibility and allows you to easily monitor and forecast payroll expenses. By digitizing staff management, you simplify the way your team tracks hours, reviews timecards, and provides updated employee schedules. 

4) Automate tuition billing and invoicing.  

In our recent survey, we found that 66% of childcare businesses collect checks and cash onsite rather than enabling parents to pay digitally. Make this more convenient for parents and staff by accepting credit cards, debit cards, or direct bank transfers (ACH). This reduces manual tasks like driving to the bank or waiting in line to deposit cash and checks by hand. 

Get paid on time, every time. Make it convenient for families to pay tuition bills with automated payments. By offering automated payment options, you increase parent satisfaction rates and receive payments faster than ever before. 

Stop wasting valuable time by automatically collecting tuition and fees. Easily send store, and organize invoices in one place. Schedule bills and batch charges or automate billing reminders to parents to ensure they never miss a payment. And rest assured all family financial data is safe and secure. 


LineLeader: Automated billing and invoicing

5) Update and keep track of records in real-time. 

Are you tired of running around with walky-talkies trying to take attendance and maintain classroom ratios? Digital check-in and check-out for children and staff help you track where your students and teachers are at all times, ensuring you remain in compliance. 

Digital check-in and check-out are contactless, which 80% of consumers prefer. It reduces manual work, and you'll also get real-time updates on attendance, vacancies, and classroom ratios. You can even use it to automatically distribute the right tuition invoices to the right families based on their child's attendance.

Overall, digital attendance tracking helps you manage child safety and tuition billing while keeping better records of child absences. 

How can you get started with automation?

Automate these tasks to streamline the childcare experience for parents and to save staff time. High-converting childcare centers already do this with great success, giving them more time to focus on providing the best possible care for their families. 

It may sound tricky, but with the right platform, automation is effortless. Actually, LineLeader by ChildcareCRM helps you automate all the above tasks and more – in just a few clicks.  

For example, think of paperwork as a thing of the past. When you invest in LineLeader, all family information and staff schedules are neatly organized in one place.  

Want to get hours back in your day?  

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