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How to Accomplish More in Less Time

Keeping track of multiple software subscriptions, billing cycles, and support contacts causes unnecessary stress for you and your team.

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6 Marketing Automation Mistakes That Are Costing You Enrollments

It’s safe to say – marketing automation can propel enrollment success forward, depending on how you use it. Prevent loss by avoiding these 6 crucial marketing automation mistakes. 

Recent Articles

kidsoft and childcarecrm now integrate
ChildcareCRM and Kidsoft now integrate to help power more effective communication between parents and childcare centers. The ECEC sector can now easily harness the power of robust communication tools...
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ChildCareCRM Celebrates with New CEO
Amoia's appointment positions the company well for next phase of growth. Dallas, TX - ChildCareCRM, the leading sales and marketing software platform specifically built for the childcare industry,...
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Subscribe to stay up to date on the latest industry news, trends and best practices for growing and managing your childcare business.